3d Scanning Machine Conveyor Scanner System Warehouse Scan Cubiscan Scanner Machine

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Product Overview


Product Paramenters

Barcode reader scanner equipment for Express parcels high speed code visual recognition

High speed warehouse parcel top-sided scanning equipment for conveyors

This top-sided scanning equipment is mainly installed on a high-speed conveyor during loading or unloading section and used to make records of both the barcodes and the parcel photos with barcodes. The photos can be queried and tracked.

The scanner unit can not only recognize the barcode figures but also take photo of the parcels, both the figures and photos can be kept in local disk or uploaded to customers’ management system.

Several parcels can proceed together in a row,and the scanner reads all barcode in seconds, which allows the scanner unit to handle 10K~12K parcels in a hour.

Those courier express companies (such as UPS, FedEx, and TNT), e-commerce platforms (for example amazon), the large commodity companies and pharmacy companies and the duty-free warehouses e.t.c. that with huge flow of parcels or goods are popular to use this scanner unit.

Main function
* Query package images to support local images and online image uploads

* Real-time upload of customer management system

* Efficiency is not less than 2,500 pieces per hour

* Parcel sensor

*Original design, support customization

Product Description

Industrial computer
Intel I5-4590 CPU
19.5 inches
Fill light
Keyboard mouse
Logitech MK120
Camera case

Reading accuracy
Bar code recognition rate is greater than or equal to 99.5% (≥9.5mil)
Field of view (width)
Maximum depth of field (Height)
Standard barcode
No pollution, Damage, Fine folds, Defects, Recognition rate 100%
Support belt line speed
Conveyor belt speed ≤60m/min
Machine mounting surface distance from the belt line

1. Fast automatic code reading, the efficiency can reach to 20,000 Pcs/Hour 

2. Real-time upload package's information to main system; 

3. Scanning rate is 99.99%, efficiency is up to 20,000 pieces/hour. 

4. Free customized parcel scanning solution;

5.Remote diagnosis and technical support;

Product Details

High-precision shooting

Hikvision high-precision shooting cameras can accurately scan and record item information, realize storage records, and improve
recognition capabilities

computer interface

The package information is clearly visible, and the data can be connected to the customer system

Precise and efficient

Reduce labor, realize the replacement of labor by machines, and improve work efficiency

Clear record interface

The operation interface displays the size, weight and bar code information, the language can be customized, docking with the customer system, and automatically outputting the form information


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OUR Service

Our services
1. Assemble and debug before delivery

2. Respond within 24 hours and proceed to deal with the problem.

3. 1 year free repair service (no-human damage only).

4. Overall warehousing solution provided

Why Choose Senad

◆ High-tech manufacturer with research anddesign capacity

◆ Concentrated on DWS equipment and sorting warehousing system overall solution

◆ Related software and system are with patents

◆ Stable and mature supplying system

◆ Young active sales and engineers for instant services(16-20 hours online)

◆ Upgrading on mechanism according to ergonomics and easy maintenance

◆ Top quality sense, customers' requests come first

◆ Our structure design principle: easy maintenance & installation, low cost maintenance, maintenance not affect production

About Us

welcome to visit us
Senad Robot(Shanghai)Co.,LTD.
Founded in 2012,sanad is a national high-tech enterprise,with machine vision technology as the core,through deep learning algorithm,image processing algorithm,pattern recognition algorithm,video analysis algorithm,arm/FPGA/DSP embedded software and hardware development .industrial visual positioning .visual tracking,visual detection,multi-sensor information fusion and other technical means,in the field of smart logistics,we have found a suitable application scenario of machine vision to realize “machine generation”reduce costs and increase efficiency for enterprises ,and empower the smart logistics industry.
Continue R&D and innovation in the fields of smart factory and smart storage,so that the logistics industry and manufacturing industry all over the world can enjoy the achievements of Chinese science and technology!

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Packaging & Delivery


Q1. Are you a trade company or manufacturing company?
We are a manufacturing company.

Q2. What's your advantage?
Senad is a national high-tech enterprise,has its own software development team with complete,fast and efficient R&D capabilities .
We support OEM and ODM services.
Device color support customization.

Q3. What is the services?
Pr-sales:Customized solutions, planning and design;One-to-one service
After sales:7 days 24 hours on line service, Remote guidance of installation, docking with customer software system

Q4. How long is the product warranty period?
One year warranty except the consuming spare parts.

Q5. What is your payment terms?
Normally T/T, L/C, D/P, D/A, Western Union, Money Gram and Alibaba.If you have other payment,please contact me.

Q6. Where does your company located?
Both our company and factory are located in Shanghai.

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