Popular and practical Cable and pipe locators underground cable fault locator

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Product Overview


           MY6818--underground cable fault locator

Professional cable locator

The cable detector is suitable for communication cable construction, power cable construction, building pipeline construction, communication cable and power supply line and electric heating line maintenance 

Detects and traces wires buried in walls and floors, up to 6.5feet (2m) deep, as well as in plastic conduit, cable shield and computer cables
Traces energized wires and locates breakers without interrupting power
Traces de-energized wires (continuity and grounded wire) and pinpoints shorts and ground faults
Traces de-energized open (broken or disconnected) wires and locates the point where the wire is broken
Includes a clamp on attachment for injecting a signal into wires when bare wire access isn't available
Does not interfere with sensitive electronic equipment, such as in hospitals and data centers

1.self-checking function
2.Measure 12~400V AC/DC voltage
3.Display the signal and display it on the receiver
4.The back is designed to accommodate the support stand.



the specifications


Technical Parameter of ReceiverTechnical Parameters of Transmitter
Depth of TrackingThe Depth of Tracking Depends on the Material and Specific ApplicationsOutput Signal 125kHz
CableSingle pole application:about 0~2mExternal VoltageDC12~400V AC12~400V(50~60Hz)±2.5%
LocatingDual pole application:about 0~0.5mFuseF0.5A 1000V
ModeSingle loop line:Up to 2.5mMIN Currentabout 31mA
MIN CurrentAbout 32mAMAX Currentabout 115mA
MAX CurrentAbout 89mAIn Work0~40ºC,with max relative humidity of 80%
In Work0~40ºC,with max relative humidity of 80%In Storage-20~60ºC,with max relative humidity of 80%
In Storage-20~60ºC,with max relative humidity of 80%Altitude <2000m
Altitude<2000mProduct Size190mm*89mm*42.5/7.48"*3.5"*1.67"
product size241.5mm*78mm*38.5mm/9.5"*3"*1.5"Product Weight420g/0.92lb
product weight350g/0.77lbPower Supply1*9V 6F22 Battery
power supply6*1.5V AAA Battery  





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