Dew Point 20 40C Desiccant Dryer Compressed Air Dryer Air Compressor Dryer (1600562457381)

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Dew Point -20--40C Desiccant Compressed Air Dryer For Air Compressors

Product Name
Adsorption Air Dryer
Intake Air Temperature
Air consumption
Pressure Dew Point
Working Pressure

The content of water vapor in compressed air is determined by the water content of compressed air. On the premise of keeping the pressure of compressed air basically unchanged, reducing the temperature of compressed air can reduce the content of water vapor in compressed air, and the excess water vapor will precipitate into droplets. According to the relationship between water saturation, steam pressure and temperature, the refrigeration device is used to cool the compressed air to a certain temperature and precipitate the water contained into droplets The water is separated and collected by the air-water separator, and the water is discharged by the drainer to dry the compressed air.

Product Appearance Features

A. High quality spare parts
1.high-performance pneumatic valve, reliable performance and sensitive action;
2.NASS coil reversing solenoid valve has long life;
3.high torque aluminum alloy starting actuator, large torque, stable action.

B. Performance improvement
1.Low operating noise, using silent check valve and high-performance muffler to ensure the lowest noise during operation and
2.Low voltage automatic protection function;
3.Automatic punching function.

Company Introduction

"Quality decides everything, service creates value". Since its establishment, Henan Chaodun Industry Co., Ltd. has been committed to the R & D and manufacturing of compressed air after-treatment purification equipment, and gradually upgraded to a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, creation, marketing and after-sales service. The company continues to strengthen the investment in scientific research, strive to improve the manufacturing capacity, and strive to promote the continuous innovation and upgrading of compressed air after-treatment purification equipment. The company has a professional research team, advanced manufacturing equipment and perfect detection means. It can be customized for customers with air cooling, water cooling, high temperature, explosion-proof, high pressure, stainless steel and other multi-function, wide range, adapt to a variety of complex working conditions of compressed air dryer. Our products are suitable for electronic, chemical fiber, petroleum, chemical, paper, petrochemical, automobile, electric power, food, environmental protection, pharmaceutical and other industries. Through the joint efforts of all colleagues, our products have been recognized and praised by customers.

Our goal is to provide customers with high quality products, and to achieve the mission of "the most innovative company". We sincerely welcome you to visit our company for investigation and guidance. Let's make new contributions to the development of air purification!





Q1. Are you factory or trade company?
A1. We are factory. And we have our own international trade department.

Q2. What is the MOQ?
A2. The MOQ is 1set.

Q3. What is the scope of supply in your factory?
A3. Purification treatment equipment after air compression: refrigerated air dryer, adsorption air dryer, combined air dryer, air filter, etc.

Q4. How long is your delivery lead time?
A4. If there is stock, the goods will be arranged at once when we receive the payment.
If there is no stock, the delivery lead time should be negotiated.

Q5. Can you accept customized orders?
A5. Yes, of course. OEM and ODM are acceptable.

Q6. How long is the warranty service for your products?
A6. 1 year warranty service and lifelong technical support will be provided.

Q7. Will you provide after-sales services?
A7. Yes, of course. For small parts, such as capacitors and pressure switches, we shall send directly for your replacement. If the compressor is out of work, we shall replace your machine with a new one.


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