High temperature resistant transparent round optical quartz glass light guide rod

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Donghai kaiwang quartz products co. LTD

Our company is specialized in manufacturing semiconductor (solar) quartz products and microelectronic packaging factory.

The company research and development, production, processing, sales of various specifications of the air quartz tube, quartz ingot, diffusion furnace tube, quartz glass instruments, photovoltaic with a variety of quartz devices.

Advanced production equipment and testing instruments, to provide customers with high-quality quartz products and quality services.

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Quartz rod

 Quartz  rod  Basical information:

SIO2 :                                                                             >99.9 %
Density :                                                                        2.2(g/cm3)
Degree of hardness moh' scale :                               6.6
Melting point:                                                               1732°C
Working temperature :                                                1100°C
Max temperature can reach in a short time :         1450°C
Acid tolerance:                                                             30 times than Ceramics , 150 times than Stainless steel
Visible light transmittance :                                       above 85%
UV spectral region transmittance:                            85%
Infrared light blocking rate :                                       85%
Resistance value :                                                       10000 times than ordinary glass
Annealing point:                                                          1180°C
softening point:                                                           1630°C
Strain point:                                                                 1100°C

Chemical Composition(ug/g)
AL               Li               K              Na              Ca             Fe              Ti               Mg               Cu               B 

3.2              0.4             0.9            2.1             0.5            0.8             0.6            0.22             0.15           0.29

Diameter 1.5-150mm, very many specifications, length can be cut,
the specific situation please consult customer service.

Using advanced equipment, high precision quartz rod and highly polished quartz rod are made.

Quartz bars of various diameters

Using high quality and high purity quartz sand as raw material.

Quartz bars of various diameters 1.5-150mm

Any specification can be customized.

Quartz light guide

Various light guide quartz rods are required.

Colored quartz rod

Main is:
Light green
Frosting white

Quartz ingot

Quartz ingots of various grades have high purity and can be used as optical lenses.

Continuous melting farad rod furnace

Our warehouse

Unified packaging, clear regional planning, products stacked neatly.

Customer comments:

Packing and transportation:

Capillary quartz rod package

Medium and small quartz rod package

Large quartz rod package

Carton packaging

wooden packaging

Transportation way

Air freight
International express


1.Q:Are you a factory or trading company?
A:Donghai kaiwang quartz Product Co.ltd is located in Donghai development zone,the silicon material centra in china.Founded in 2003,we are one of high-tech companies in Jiangsu,integration the design,manufacturing and marketing of super quality quartz.

2.Q:Where is your factory located? How can I visit there?
A:We are located inLianyungang, Jiangsu Province, throughvarious modes of transportationyou canreach here. Plane, trainorboat,youcan be veryconvenientround trip.We canarrange for you the detailed itinerary.

3.Q:What is the material of your products?
A:As a professional manufacture,we produce the gas refined quartz tubes,quartz ingots,quartz difused tubes,quartz lamp shells an apparatus which are widly used in field of semicongductor,solar power,photovoltaic,transparent quartz crucible, the quartz crucible, arc quartz crucible, quartz fiberrod,quartz rod,quartz plate, quartz sheet, quartz wafer,quartz heating tube, crystal tableware, Crystal ball.

4.Q:How can I get some samples?
A: We offer samples, but not free. For the cost of the company's system as follows:
1 )the sample fee If the customer desired product is our regular size, customers only need to pay the freight
2 )refined fee If the customer require customized products, we will add the freight on the basis of our production costs required

5.Q:How does your factory do regarding quality control?
A:A whole set of advanced equipment and detecting instrument have been brought in from Taiwan,Gemany,etc.and standard purification workshop has been built,all off which ensure thecapacity of mass production.The company has passed the ISO9001(2000) quality certification.With professional techical team,advanced management mode,precise detecting instrument and strong customer sercice consciousness,we are sure to provide customers with the high-quality quartz products and good service.

Our advantages

        My company is located in China's silicon material industry base in lianyungang donghai development zone, was founded in 2003, is a professional manufacturing semiconductor (solar) using quartz products and microelectronics packaging in jiangsu province high-tech enterprises, collection development, production, processing and marketing all kinds of gas refining quartz glass tube, quartz tuo, diffusion furnace tube, quartz glass apparatus, quartz glass shell, customized photovoltaic (pv) with various types of quartz devices.
       The company has four production entities: quartz basic material manufacturing, quartz glass processing, gas refining pipe production and high purity sand production.From Taiwan, Germany and other imports a set of advanced equipment and testing instruments, and built in line with the norms of the purification plant, with large-scale production capacity.The company has passed the iso-9001 (2000) quality management system certification of the quality assurance center of Beijing China quality association. It has a professional technical team, advanced management mode, sophisticated testing instruments, and a super sense of service to provide customers with high-quality quartz products and quality services.

Our Service

1) 24 hrs service for customers.

2) quality issue, we accept reworking if quality is not reach your requirements.

3) sample available for free.

4) OEM service acceptable. welcome your artwork.

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