RS485/Ethernet DC Network Resistance Monitor for DC floating system,60channels DC Insulation Monitor

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Product Overview


Product Description

The DC system is the most important component of a high voltage industrial/utility substation. It supplies the energy to manage the protective devices and high voltage components and allows electrical faults to be safely isolated. Most high voltage substations house owns either a sealed or flooded cell battery bank.

Due to the complexity and dynamics of DC systems, DC ground faults caused by positive grounding or negative grounding are often difficult to be located. At the same time, due to the wide applications of intelligent relays and integrated automation systems, higher requirements are placed on the accuracy and safety of the DC system grounding monitoring device.

ZJS-102 DC System Insulation Monitor provides real-time online monitoring of insulation status of DC bus and branch circuit. It combined the balance bridge detection with unbalanced bridge detection two modes, to avoid the interference of distributed capacitance in the system, and also ZJS-102 can display the leakage current of each circuit in real time.


* Real-time monitoring DC system voltage, pole to ground voltage and alarm

* Real-time monitoring system insulation and alarm

* Detection DC system distributed capacitance

* DC system branch circuit insulation detect and classification pre-warning

* DC system branch circuit leakage current detection and diagnosis

* Balance bridge and unbalanced bridge detection combined detecting insulation condition.

* Auto record of instantaneous grounding event and wave capture

* Support configuring battery bank as a special branch, and provide leakage locating for battery bank

* History recording and export to USB memory

* 0-inch touch screen display parameters and configuration

* Front panel with 6 individual alert LEDs

* Rear panel have 7 DO ports for important alarm info to PLC

* Singe device supports 240 branch circuit monitor

* Current sensors support hot-swapping and sensor failure detection

* Provide multiple devices in parallel mode to expand detect circuit quantities

* Subs slave device support hot-swapping and automatic identification

* RS485 and Ethernet (optional) communication port


Monitoring range of insulation resistance to ground
Earth alarm
Working voltage range
Positive pole to ground
Negative pole to ground
System voltage
AC injection voltage
Busbar-II system voltage (DC cross detect)
Battery bank insulation fault location error
±1 cell
Alarm history record
Record list quantities
2000 lists
Each record alarm list volume
≤32 branches
Real-time leakage current measurement
Screen display resolution
Current sensor range
10mA, 20mA, 50mA, 100mA optional
Each ZJS-102 port detect current volume
≤240 branches
Each ZJS-CU collector unit connected current sensor
Instant event record
Capture sampling ratio
1KHz, 500Hz, 250Hz, 125Hz configurable
Record quantities
Waveforms for each instantaneous event
Passive digital output
Fault alarm indicator
Distributed capacitance range of the system
Voltage monitoring error
Communication interface
RS485, Ethernet
System vo0ltage balance compensation bridge
40K, 60K, 120K
Optional AUX

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* DC speed regulating motor
* Solar power generation and other fields
* DC or AC/DC main circuits
* UPS systems, battery systems.
* IT systems with high leakage capacitances
* DC charging stations for electric vehicles.


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