80x200 advertising banners can be reused, rolled up display rack, luxury aluminum retractable roll, fast expansion and easy to

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Product Name:
A-type aluminum alloy rolled up banner display rack
Material :
Customize other sizes:
Quantity / box type
12 pcs

Installation Instructions

【1】 Operation steps
A double-sided adhesive tape is pasted on the back of the upper end of the picture to wrap the thin strip in the upper pole. Press it tightly and use transparent adhesive to reinforce it
【3】 Operation steps
Insert the pasted banner poster into the card slot.

【3】 Operation steps
Tear off the double-sided adhesive tape on the base, squeeze and stick the lower end of the banner poster together, and then reinforce the joint with transparent adhesive.
【4】 Operation steps
Press the poster with one hand, carefully pull out the fixing bolt at one end of the base with the other hand, and then slowly loosen the banner poster to make it enter the container at an average speed.


【1】 Using the installation procedure
Rotate the support foot of the base to 90 °
【2】 Using the installation procedure
Link the three fold support rod into a straight rod.
【3】 Using the installation procedure
Take up the crossbar blank by hand and slowly pull out the banner poster.

【4】 Using the installation procedure
Insert the part with groove at one end of the support rod into the cross bar and jack it up.
【5】 Using the installation procedure
Put the other end of the support rod into the base link socket.
【6】 Using the installation procedure
Normal use after installation。

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