KingKar Car Care & Cleanings Detailing Car DPF Truck Wash Equipment dpf filter car cleaning machine

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KINGKAR5.0 DPF Cleaning Machine Diesel Particulate Filter

Professional more 20years Certified Car Care Equipment

Catalytic Converter Carbon DPF Cleaning Machine



Kingkar Eco-techonologies Co.,ltd

Since 2001, over 20 years experience of export.

Has around 63 invention patents and more than 150 trademarks.

Have 1080m2 of office and 30000m2 of factory for product research and development.

Cooperated with over 97 countries, such as USA, Korea, Spain, France, Australia, Chile etc...



20220209 DPF

1 factory


                                                       KingKar DPF Filter Cleaning Machine

Simply, it is water flushing with cleaner agent and high pressure purging alternate work.

* when machine start cleaning, the circulating water will run through whole DPF, to make sure

the bottom of DPF and honeycomb mesh are filled with water, and cleaner agent will soften blockage gradually.

* High pressure air would be instantly released and push warm water, to generate potential energy,

which will push out instantly the hydrogen sulfate and ammonia bicarbonate composite blockage adsorbed inside the honeycomb mesh.

Every 20 seconds, it would do the wave flushing process,
to make sure it can remove all the blockage out from DPF,and reach nearly 100% cleaning efficiency.

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Original Discarded DPF ALSO IMPORTANT !

as other fake DPF no precious metals or catalysts, 
only can intercept ash, no treatment for the exhaust gas.

Some auto repair shops will collect people's original discarded DPF,

clean it and then spray it with silver powder, which is many times better than the fake new DPF.
The fake VERSION of DPF has no precious metal and catalyst, only a simple physical filtration function,

can only intercept the ash, exhaust without any treatment. If you replace a copycat version,

you can make $200 a time for a car. If you do cleaning service for the original car, you can continue to

make hundreds of dollars every few months. You can choose to provide simple cleaning service for the same car,

or you can recycle the second-hand cleaning and refurbished it for sale.


 Cleaning one DPF system consume max power is 13.5KW.h

Because the water can recirle used. so the cost can be Ignored.

Suggest clean one small DPF add 2 bottles of cleaner agent.

Total cost = 13.5KW electricity +2 bottles cleaner agent cost ≈ $35 

Cleaning fee = USD150 to USD500




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