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Product Overview


Product Overview

Foamed concrete is a kind of bubble-like insulation material. Under the action of physical foaming technology,foaming agent is fully foamed in a mechanical way to form foam through the foaming system of zhengzhou series foam concrete equipment. And the foam and cement slurry evenly mixed, and then through the nature foaming equipment pumping system for cast- in-place construction or mold molding, through the natural conservation formed by a large number of closed pores of a new type of lightweight insulation materials.


Dry Density grade
Dry Density (kg/m3)
Coefficient of Thermal Conducitivity


Foaming mixing pouring equipment
Foaming mixing and pouring equipment is the core equipment in the process of foam concrete block production. This equipment mainly takes cement, river sand, waste coal ash, foaming agent and water as raw materials, through scientific proportion, mixing and high pressure foaming, produces foaming uniform concrete slurry. Compared with the traditional production process, the equipment in the production process of low power consumption rate, no coal burning, no sewage, low production cost, its energy saving, environmental protection, waste, efficiency improvement advantages.
Storage bin
The storage bin is used to store various bulk materials such as cement, fly ash and slag. The material level system is installed on the tank body, which can show the position and amount of materials. The arch breaking device can remove the solid caused by material deposition for too long. Storage bin and screw pump can be used together to transport materials to various locations.

Cutting equipment
Cutting equipment using wet and dry cutting process, the use of horizontal and vertical cutting, the brick is also cut, cutting speed can be controlled according to the cutting machine distribution cabinet. The surface of the brick will not collapse, the use of this cutting machine to cut the surface of the brick neat. Compared with die cutting, it greatly reduces the uncontrollable factors in the cutting process and effectively ensures the appearance and quality of the brick.
Screw feeding machine
Screw feeder low energy consumption, low maintenance costs. At the end of the feeding, can adapt to the uneven feeding requirements, can at the same time to complete the conveying mixing and other technical requirements, material into too much will not produce stuck phenomenon.

Production process

The production process of foamed concrete includes: preparation of foam, preparation of foam concretemixture, casting, curing and inspection.
Grassroots clean→Determine thickness and height according to drawing design and technical disclosure requirements- > Water wet- >Foam concrete production→According to the construction sequence pouring molding-→Curing + Inspection and maintenance of finished

Product features

Light:The density of foamed concrete is small, the density grade is generally 300 -1800kg/m3 and the density grade of commonly used foamed concrete is 300-1200 kg/m3.
Good thermal insulation performance: Because foam concrete contains a large number of closed small pores, so it has good thermal insulation performance. Foamed concrete with a normal density grade ranging from 300-1200 kg/m3 has a thermal conductivity between 0.08-0.3w/(moK) and a thermal resistance about 10-20 times that of ordinary concrete.
Good sound insulation and fire resistance: Foam concrete is an inorganic material, will not burn, thus has good fire resistance,in the building use, can improve the building fire performance.
Good overall performance: Can be pouring site construction, and the main project is closely combined.
Low elastic shock absorption is good: The porosity of foamed concrete makes it have low elastic modulus,so that it has good absorption and dispersion effect on impact load.


1. Roof foam concrete slope, insulation layer;2. Floor heating foam concrete insulation layer;
3. Building internal and external filling wall block, sound insulation walls;
4. Construction of greenhouse for plant cultivation and cold storage;
5. The filling layer that fills the inner and outer voids of a tunnel, foundation, road, etc.;
6. Light rockery, bonsai and other garden works of art production.

Company profile

Established in 2005, Zhengzhou Bona Enterprise Co., Ltd. is one of the major construction and engineering machinery manufacturer and exporter in Henan, Our main products are concrete batching plants, concrete mixer machineries, tower cranes, road rollers, wheel loaders, forklifts, farm tractors, etc.We come from the largest manufacturing base of construction machines in Zhengzhou,China, and we've built firm relationships with our suppliers of materials & components. Thus we can reduce the cost of our products and ensure the benefits of our customers.As an ISO9001:2000 certified company, we insist on "innovating, perfect, quality and services", and earn a good reputation in the worldwide market. We have developed business relationships with companies throughout the world, primarily in Europe, America, Australia, and Southeast Asia. BONA is a key gateway for exporting Henan construction and engineering machineries to all over the world. We are the largest construction machinery trade and services provider in Henan now. The revenue from foreign trade and services, which involve mainly mechanical products, reached USD 12 million in 2011.Adhering to the corporate philosophy of "Work Together, Win Together", BONA is dedicated to the development of a harmony-oriented corporate culture, and will focus on our two major businesses of equipment manufacturing and modern manufacturing
services. Our company is committed to fostering an integrated multinational corporation in machinery industry, and being
competitive on an international level. We are quickly becoming a leading runner in China's machinery industry.


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