TCA CE ISO certificated Double Speed Stainless Steel Electric Meat Bowl Cutter/Meat Cutting Machine/Meat Chopper Machine

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Product Overview


Equipment introduction
The bowel cutter uses the high-speed rotation of the knife to chop the meat and auxiliary materials into meat or meat puree. It can also mix the ice cube water with the meat or meat together evenly.The bowel cutter produced by our
company is entirely made of stainless steel, with a generous and beautiful structure, easy to clean to meet the national
instrument hygiene standards, advanced technology and reasonable design to ensure the fineness of meat products, small heat, short cutting time, and improve product flexibility and production rate.
Technical parameters

Knife qty
Knife speed
Bowel speed

Vacuum Roll Kneading Machine
Equipment introduction
With automatic vacuum functionForward, reverse, intermittent and vacuuming can be set according to requirements Electrical appliances are waterproof computer version

Vacuum rolling and kneading machine
Equipment introduction
The machine uses the self-extruding principle of the inner cylinder quide plate to roll. When the cylinder rotates, the meat block quide plate squeezes inward, and the meat block is self-beated and squeezed each other to decompose the meat protein into water-soluble protein, which is easily absorbed by people.At the same time, it can make the additives and the meat protein to merge each other to make the meat tender, with good taste and high yield of finished products. Enhance the elasticity of meat, improve the slicability of meat products, and prevent breakage during slicinoThis machine adopts high quality stainless steel, large rolling space and reasonable design, low operating noise The unique arc-shaped desian of the blades makes the marinade evenly distributed and does not cause damage to the marinade. The tenderness and appearance of the product are improvedWaterproof computer control Users can design total time, rolling time, vacuuming, etc.Electrical appliances are divided into waterproof computer control, using Omron brano
Vacuum Stuffing Mix Machine
Equipment introduction
The vacuum mix machine uses a vacuum device to make the material in a negative pressure state, so that the material is fully expanded, no bubbles, good elasticity and bright color. And to extract protein to the maximum, it is an ideal equipment to improve product quality. The whole machine is made without modification, reliable and durable, good sealing, easy to clean and operate. Parallel double-shaft structure. The inclined plate blade makes the materials flip in the bin while making circular motions to
make the mixing of various materials more uniform. The lid and discharge door are easy to operate

bowel cutter
Meat cube cutter

Vacuum mixer
cube cuting machine
Strip cutting machine

double dragon mixing machine
Smoking oven
Vacuum Mixing Machine

Burger nuggets processing line

Meat ball processing line

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