Q3 SF320 TPMS Cigarette Lighter Cars Tire Pressure Monitor System with 4 External Sensor Internal Sensors

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Product Overview


TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring System with USB socket in monitor Cigarette Lighter Plug Universal Wireless Car Alarm System 4 External Sensors 

Main Features:

1.LCD pannel,with extra Micro USB port for charging.

2.Light weight design for sensor,no need to adjust to be balance when the tire moving.

3.Real-time Monitor the tempreature and pressure with high degree accuracy

4.Save fuel,forsee air leakage,reduce tire wearout,balance tire pressure,ensure safety driving.

5.RF wireless technology,can auto-alarm,when tire pressure and temperature is abnormal.

6.With two pressure unit"PSI,BAR " and two temperature unit"℃,℉" for option.

7.Support tire position exchange function.

8.Sensor waterproof grade: IP67.

9.With Infineon/Freescale  Chip and RENATA anti-explosion battery.

10.Real-time Wireless Car Tire Pressure Monitoring System Solar External Internal Universal TPMS.


Monitor Specification

1. Working voltage: 3.7-5v

2. Storage temperature: -30 ° C -90 ° C

3. Working temperature: -30 ° C -85 ° C

4.RF transmission frequency: 433.92MHZ +/- 50MHZ

5. Display mode: Color screen

6. Working pressure: 0-3.5bar

7. Bright working current: ≤6mA

8. Black working current: ≤ 4mA

9. Size: 79 * 50 * 39MM

10.Chip: Infineon chip (imported from Germany)

11. charging method;Cigarette lighter charging


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