Новая машина для сухого льда от производителя, очистка шасси автомобиля, струйный очиститель сухого льда, широко используемый

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Price:850,00 $ - 1 000,00 $
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Product Overview


Product Description

Engine Carbon Cleaner Machine
Dry Ice Cleaning Blasting Machine


Product name
Co2 Dry Ice Machine Cleaning Blasting Machine
Air supply flow
Air supply pressure
0.1~0.85Mpa (adjustable)
Dry ice consumption
Hopper capacity
Dry ice state
3mm granular
Drive mode
Permanent magnet synchronous

Why choose dry ice cleaning?

Cleaning method
No secondary pollution
Dry ice blasting
Sand blasting
Soda blasting
High pressure water blasting
Manual cleaning
Chemical solvent cleaning

1, Reduce downtime--Shorter downtime, longer production time.
2, Non-destructive cleaning--Dry ice is a soft medium that will not damage the substrate.
3, Operators are safer--Will not bring health risks to operators.
4, Improve efficiency--On-line cleaning equipment, the mold does not need to be cooled and disassembled.
5, Improved part quality and reduced scrap--Cleaner machinery and tooling results in higher quality products.
6, Non-toxic and non-conductive--Dry ice is a food grade media and is safe for commercial use.
7, No secondary pollutants--Dry ice cleaning does not produce secondary contaminants, residues or moisture.
8, Protection Environmental--Dry ice is made of reclaimed CO2 and does not emit additional CO2 to the atmosphere.
9, More efficiently allocate labor--The process reduces time, labor and resources needed.

Details Images

Flat nozzle spray gun + Dry ice blasting nozzles
Used for cleaning the chassis and when cleaning the engine room.
Stainless steel spray guns.Various spary guns applicable for different cleaning areas;

Control buttons and interfaces
Dry ice interface
Control cable interface for spraying dry ice
Quick connection of air source


Aerodynamic nozzles
Control cable
Switch handle
Compressed air hose
Dry ice blasting hose
Dry ice shovel
Waterproof power cord
Instructions for use and operating procedures

Packing & Delivery

Standard carton packaging for Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning Equipment, plywood wooden case optional

Comparasion Of Cleaning Effect


Dry ice cleaning technology can restore assembly plants, robotics, spray booths, foundries, electrical equipment, hydraulic units, moulds, mechanical components, engines, wheel suspensions, gearboxes, electrical components, etc.
Machinery Industry
Dry ice cleaning becomes an integral part of production processes in the machinery industry in cleaning all production machine components (including electrical components), welding robots, conveyors and painting lines, moulds, etc.
Printing / Paper Industry
Keeping rollers and machines components clean in the printing and paper industry is extremely important. Dry ice blasting offers a fast and high-quality solution, without any need to disassemble equipment.

Food Industry
emoving food residues, grease, dirt and other residues from production equipment is critical in preventing the growth of bacteria and ensuring high quality food.
Rubber Industry
Cleaning the moulds used in rubber production is generally a slow and time-consuming process. However, dry ice cleaning technology saves time, costs and the risk associated with cleaning, as traditional methods mainly use chemicals and hazardous solvents.
Maritime Industry
Dry ice used as an ideal solution for cleaning ship hull envelopes, from small recreational boats to large commercial vessels. The benefits of dry ice blasting in the maritime industry are enormous and include reduced working hours, reduced costs, and no damage to hulls caused by grinding wheels or sand blasting.


Q1:Does it produce it own ice? Where do I get the dry ice from?
A: No,it doesn't product the dry ice.You need to buy the dry ice in the local market.

Q2: Any suggestion for the compressor?
A: We suggest you use 7.5KW or above screw air compressor.
The pipe diameter of the gas supply path is ≥DN15 to ensure the flow
The air compressor is away from the cleaning site ≯50m

Q3: Does the machine run on single phase?
A: No,it doesn't run on single phase.The socket must to connect with earth wire.e

Q4: What will dry ice blasting NOT remove from my vehicle?
A: The process will remove almost any cosmoline, grease, oil, road debris from a vehicles undercarriage. It will NOT remove rust that has already started. It will clean surface rust. This process will also NOT remove paint from a vehicle.

Q5: Will dry ice blasting harm anything on vehicle?
A: No. Dry ice is a solid state form of C02 (carbon dioxide), when the ice makes contact with the surface it is cleaning it freezes the grime and the blast of air simply removes the frozen grime with the dry ice dissipating into C02 and leaving only the dirt to be swept from the floor. No harmful chemicals or degreasers needed. No water needed to be sprayed either! It is completely safe on all rubber, metal and electrical compone

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