Используется для строительства мужского чистого нового высокопрочного корпуса из полиэтилена высокой плотности качественный стандартизированный защитный шлем для защиты рабочей силы

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Safety helmet for labor protection
The helmet is composed of a cap shell, a cap lining, a chin strap, and a rear hoop. Each ring is very important and is
mutually related. The cap shell is usually semi-circular, very smooth, and has a certain degree of elasticity, so that when an object above the head falls, it can form a good cushioning effect, and there are many between the cap shell and the cap liner. The free space can instantly disperse the huge impact force, thereby reducing the hazard to the head when danger occurs. Therefore, the safety helmet is a labor protection product that many construction sites must wear.

Available Colors
Normally the white,blue,yellow,red are more popular in market,but also we can make it according to customers' request finally.

The Application of Safety Helmets
The helmets be widely used in many industrial working environments, for example, mining, power, construction, and forestry, the risk of head injury to workers is constantly present. The most serious risks are physical injuries, which can be as a result of the impact of a falling object or collision with fixed objects at the workplace. Due to the nature of these work activities, it is not always possible to eliminate such risks with just appropriate organisational solutions
or collective protective equipment. Therefore, the only way to ensure the safety of workers is by using safety helmets. The type of helmet will depend on the specific nature of the physical risks that have been identified in the risk assessment undertaken for the activity. This article provides information for users of protective helmets as well as employers and OSH engineers. It includes information on definitions and gives the requirements for different
kind of protective helmets that offer protection against physical risks.


white,blue,yellow,red,green,black etc
free size,but with adjustable from 50cm to 64cm
350g to 430g
Raw Materials

Various Type for common Safety Helmets can be provided
Here you can find the best quality helmet with reasonable price ,we just supply the premium commodity to customers, to provide a beneficial helpful protection to labors.

Packing & Delivery

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.

Company Profile

Semi-Automatic Safety helmet Blowing Machine and helmet harness Making Machine, and always we will adopt new pure HDPE, ABS,PP plastic raw material,to assure the quality products.


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