Точка доступа электронная полка этикетка Eink дисплей этикетка цифровая ESL вывеска с бесплатным SDK (1600572560044)

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Product Overview


Access Point Electronic Shelf Label Eink Display Tag Digital ESL Signage with Free SDK
For Warehouse, Production Line, Hospital, Retail.

Technology Features:

Wider Signal Coverage
166% wider
Faster Update Rate
250-400% faster
Longer Battery Life
66% longer

Product Description

ESL Label
The Eastsun E-W42 esl label (electronic shelf display) is made of 4.2” inch HD eink screen with 120 DPI high resolutions, which’s more suitable as warehouse shelf labels, turnover box cards, desk cards, employee cards, ward bedside cards or digital signages.

Outer Size
Displaying Area
Battery Type
Battery Life
4 years (5 udpates per day)
4 years (5 udpates per day)
6 years (5 udpates per day)
6 years (5 udpates per day)

Industrial-grade AP Station:
Eastsun industrial-grade AP Station (Base Station) E-WA01 adopts the enhanced 433MHz transmission module and newly-designed PCB board, so the signal radius coverage reaches 80-500 meters under different conditions, and the updates rate is increased by 250-300%. In addition, 433MHz has the unique characteristics of wall penetration and anti-EMI (electromegnatic interference), which is beyond 2.4GHz (Bluetooth / Zigbee).

Mini PC:
SKJ900 microsize computer can simplify the troubles during the installation procedure of the Eastsun ESL electronic shelf label system, especially in various settings of computers and webwork. You can concentrate to solve more important jobs without hesitation. It's compatible Windows and Linux operating system and meet the most needs in the world. The weight 700g and the tiny size: you can take it anywhere.

Why the Eastsun 433MHz transmission technology:
1. Wider signal radius coverage: transmit data upto 30 - 80 meters radius area (the whole area is the range of 2800-20000m²) under different indoor conditions.
2. Stronger wall penetration: The ouput power of the industrial-grade 433MHz AP station is 36 dBm, which is suitable for complex situations such as warehouse, production line, hospital, but 2.4GHz (Bluetooth / Zigbee) doesn't have this characteristics.
3. Anti-EMI (electromegnatic interference): ensures working well under the situation of multiple equipments.

Communication Technology
Wave Type
Transmission Coverage
Output Power
Wall Penetration
Eastsun Industrial 433MHz
Long Wave
Radius 80 meters
Whole area 20000 m²
36 dBm
4 W
Very Stronger
Common 433MHz
Long Wave
Radius 30 meters
Whole area 2800 m²
12 dBm
16 mW
2.4GHz (Bluetooth/Zigbee)
Short Wave
Radius 5 - 8 meters
Whole area 100 - 200 m²
10 dBm
10 mW

How the Eastsun 433MHz ESL system work:
The Complete ESL system combines esl labels, AP station and software. The Eastsun ESL system not only run indepently, but also integrate other systems to run together. By LAN/WLAN, the AP station conntects PC terminal or cloud server, and transmits data to each esl labels through 433MHz frequency, and every data will be recorded by information monitor.

Application Cases:
Eastsun have successfully delivered real cases (involving warehouses, automatic production lines, hospitals, etc.) to famous companies. Please view https://eastsuntec.com/news/ for more.The users can manage all ESL labels through own main system (POS/ERP/WMMS/SAP/MES/HIS) while the Eastsun ESL system silently runns in the background.

Eastsun ESL Software:

Users can change the interface layout, displaying information and any language according to their favorites.
Through LAN / WLAN, users will get a good feeling to experience the convenience brought by Eastsun technology anywhere.

Software Cores:

Software Cores:

Compatiable with Main Systems
Eastsun ESL software can be bound with main systems (POS/ERP/WMMS/SAP/MES/HIS) by SDK we provide.

Running on PC & Cloud Server
Eastsun ESL software can't only run on PC terminal, but also on cloud server by API we provide, it is easy to achieve managing ESL labels anywhere.

One-Charging without Annual Fee
Eastsun ESL software is a one-time fee, you can save annual maintenance fees. At the same time, we will promptly upgrade for free.

Why Eastsun ESL System?
Eastsun is one of a very few “IOT” solution specialist providers that apply industrial ESL label management system (also called Electronic Shelf Label, Digital Price Tag) to smart manufacturing, smart warehousing ,smart logistics, smart hospitals, smart office and smart education. Meanwhile, we integrate RFID tag system into the ESL label system, so as to improve management accuracy.
Since its establishment, we are committed to displaying complex data by “Simplified Vision”, thereby enriching the user's experience in simple use.

About Us:
Industrial-grade ESL Solutions Provider

Eastsun is one of a very few "IOT" solution specialist providers that apply industrial ESL label management system (also called Electronic Shelf Label, Digital Price Tag) to smart manufacturing, smart warehousing ,smart logistics, smart hospitals, smart office and smart education. Meanwhile, we integrate RFID tag system into the ESL label system, so as to improve management accuracy. Since its establishment, we are committed to displaying complex data by "Simplified Vision", thereby enriching the user's experience in simple use.
We actively respond to the customer needs and continuously innovate with your satisfaction as the ultimate goal, Eastsun has brought surprises to customers from the fields of industrial, commercial, medical by demonstrating the successful ESL electronic shelf label management solutions, because all of us are happy to witness that the customers have another reliable partner.
We are willing to go forward along the way of "Artisan Spirit", to breakthrough space constraints, improve the facility efficiency and reduce operating costs. Eastsun aims to achieve a mutual-benefit and win-win with partners and build a sustainably-developed business environment.

1. What's the core competition of Eastsun hardware?
All ESL systems introduce 433MHz expert transmission technology.
As a low-frequency narrow-band transmission technology, it has the advantages of powerful signal, wider coverage, stronger wall penetration, better diffraction ability and low transmission attenuation. Therefore, it's suitable to be applied to different floors, warehouses, workshops, hospitals such as the complex places with multiple metals and interferences.

2. What's the core competition of Eastsun software?
By matching the preset software/hardware modular and unified interface, Eastsun can offer unique customized solutions according to the access right of different main operating systems (ERP/WMMS/SAP/MES/HIS/POS).

3. What are the advantages of 433MHz compared to 2.4GHz (Bluetooth/Zigbee)?
It’s just what we mentioned at Item 1.
433MHz is an expert-level transmission technology applied to military activities and marine affairs. It's one of reasons why 433MHz is rarely used, so it’s very clean at this frequency, which's conducive to transmit data stably.The 433M signal is strong, the transmission distance is long, the penetration and diffraction ability is strong, and the transmission process attenuation is small.
BUT, 2.4GHz frequency (Bluetooth/Zigbee) has a short signal transmission distance, large attenuation in the transmission process, weak signal penetration and diffraction, and the signal is easily blocked by objects.
Each of Eastsun 433MHz AP station (Gateway/base station) can cover 30-80M radius signal area, which save at least 70% cost of AP station.

4. How to install Eastsun ESL system software?
Eastsun ESL Label system software has 2 operation methods:
1. Independent Operation: For individual customers who don't have a main system, the Eastsun ESL system can run independently after being installed on the computer with WIN system.
2. Compatible with the main Systems: By matching the preset software/hardware modules, the Eastsun ESL Label Management System is embedded into the customers‘main system (such as POS/ERP/WMMS/SAP/MES/HIS) through SDK. Customers can easily manage the platform layout/data through their own main system while the ESL system runs silently in the background. In addition, you can connect to the cloud server through API we provide. It's convenient to manage all ESL labels anywhere and anytime.

5. How to connect to the cloud server?
We can provide SDK, and there is a document named API. Your IT engineer will know what to do.
Of course, we are willing to help you.

6. How many ESL label terminals can a 433MHz AP station manage?
An AP station can control more than 3000pcs esl label display, but we don’t advise that, because more ESL labels will slow down the data update rate.
We recommend 500pcs for each AP station, or depending on the daily update frequency.

7. How many colors can the ESL label display?
Black/white/red or black/white/yellow.

8. Does your ESL label system platform support the 3rd language?
Eastsun ESL label system platform supports any languages besides Chinese/English. It's very convenient for all customers.

9. What fields and purposes can your ESL system be used for?

The Eastsun ESL Management System can be applied to any place where labels are needed and replaced, such as automatic production lines, warehouses, wards, logistics, meeting rooms, pet store, signages, etc.
We have 2 series: civil-grade ESL system and industrial-grade ESL system for different requirement.
1. Civil-grade ESL system is suitable for simple enviroments and requirements such as small shops, supermarkets, groceries, retail.
2. Industrial-grade ESL system is more suitable for complex enviroments and requirements under multi-metal / multi-interference, such as multi- floor buildings, warehouses, automatic production lines, hospitals.
Most industrial customers (Bosch, Midea, Haier) prefer industrial-grade ESL system, because its performance is better than other ESL systems on the market.

10. Do you have the real cases to share?
We‘’ve successfully delivered practical solutions (involving warehouses, automatic production lines, hospitals, retail, etc.) to the famous groups such as Bosch, Midea, Haier, Xiaomi, DEC, etc.
Please visit the links https://eastsuntec.com/esl-label-cases/ or https://eastsuntec.com/news/ for more.

11. Do you have any SNS (Social Networking Services)?
Linkedin: https://linkedin.com/company/zhuhai-eastsun-technology-co-ltd/
Facebook: https://facebook.com/ESLSolutionProvider/

12. How can we get a demo kit?
Thanks for trusting. We provide various of testing kit so that customers get to know more about Eastsun.
Please contact us at [email protected] for more details.

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