PENG MEI sawdust briquette compression machine 300kg/h Small Wood Sawdust Charcoal Briquette Making Machine

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Product Overview


PENG MEI sawdust briquette compression machine 300kg/h Small Wood Sawdust Charcoal Briquette Making Machine

biomass charcoal briquette pressing machine to make wood briquette is used to make sawdust into half-charcoal-stick.It is equipped with the auto controlling heating system.The product of this machine can be used to heat boiler, fireplace,etc.for warm in house.

PENG MEI sawdust briquette compression machine 300kg/h Small Wood Sawdust Charcoal Briquette Making Machine

Product Description


Details Introduction

fire wood briquette machine also called biomass briquette machine and sawdust briquette machine, is used to convert sawdust into charcoal stick as biofuels ,used to heat boiler, fireplace, etc for warm in house.

PENG MEI charcoal extruding machine saw dust briquette making machine


machine to make wood briquette


machine to make wood briquette


  • 1. High Pressure and High Briquetting Efficiency
    AOLS briquetting machine is specially designed with four rollers that can enlarge equipment pressure and improve briquette making efficiency. In addition, hydraulic device can be alternative if required.


    2. Energy Saving and Environment Friendliness
    The press briquette machine is mainly used to press powdery industrial wastes and dust to regularly shaped briquettes for further usage, reducing dust pollution and improving resource utilization ratio. It can run in low power, thus saving much energy. Thanks to enclosed construction, the briquetting machine will not cause air and noise pollution.


    3. Wide Application and Low Requirement for Working Environment
    The industrial waste processing machinery is suitable for use in all countries around the world. According to different conditions of every country, it can be reasonably adjusted for normal use. Additionally, it can be used in all kinds of severe environment, such as extremely cold weather, high temperature, plateau, etc.

    4. Easy Installation and Simple Transportation
    This briquette machine is designed with high strength steel plate as its support, enabling it to be directly used on hard flat area without having to build a foundation. In addition, it is easy for users to transfer and transport this equipment.

    5. Simple Operation and Easy Maintenance
    The industrial fuel briquetting machine is available in semi-automatic and full automatic design as per customer’s requirements, thus ensuring less labor and simple operation. In daily use, you only need to do regular maintenance according to the maintenance instruction.



Raw Material 

Size: 3-5mm    Moisture Content : 8%-12% )

1.straw   2.sugarcane residue husk   4.cotton stalks   5.tobacco waste  6.mustard stalk   7.jute waste   8.bamboo dust  9.tea waste   10.wheat waste 11.palm husk    12.soybeans husk  13.rice husk   14.wood chips    15.agro waste 


50mm Briquette Press


Final Product

This bio-fuel briquette is 45-80mm in diameter, occurs in the hollow quadrangular or hexagonal cylinder or hollow hexagonal with a 15-20mm hole through the body.

The available shape: square, hexagonal, pentagon, pentagon with edge, hexagon with edge.

The available diameter could be: 50mm,60mm,70mm,80mm and so on

 charcoal briquette pressing machine






Motor Power 

15 KW



Max.feeding size (mm)




Humidity %




Forming shape

Rectangle ,hexagon,Six prismatic

Calorific value ( kcal/kg)


Specific gravity( kg/m³)


Capacity (kg/h )





  • MOQ: 1SET

  • Payment Terms: T/T,L/C,Western Union,Alibaba,Money Gram etc.

  • Delivery Time: within 7-10 days after receipt of deposit

  • Warranty Time: 1year

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How to Work

Working Principle:

This wood briquette making machine uses the intrinsic attributes of the wood material, by spiral extruding at high temperature under high pressure, wood element in wood material becomes plastic and makes the fine fiber combine, and then stick solid fuel is formed. 


briquette pressing machine

Briquette Plant

 Wood Briquette Production Plant

briquette extruder


Step 1- Crushing:

Crush the raw materials into small pieces (3-5mm).

All type of Agro-Forestry waste can be used such as sawdust, wood chips, crop stalks, etc.
PS1: If your raw material size is less than 5mm, you can ignore the crush process.

PS2:You can also carbonize the material without crushing and briquetting


Step 2- Drying:

Dry the crushed materials to reduce the moisture content below 8-12%; 

PS: if the moisture of raw material is 8-12%, you can ignore the drying process


Step 3- Briquetting.

  • Final products from metal chip briquetting machine:

  • Square, round, hexagonal, pentagon ( With/without edge)
    Diameter: 50,80mm
    Inside diameter: 15-20mm
    Length: 20-50cm
    Specific Gravity: 1200-1300kg/m3 
    Calorific value:4000-4800kcal/kg

Step 4- Carbonization.

Carbonizing briquette log into charcoal without smoke,Tasteless.

No any open fire, Totally dry distillation



Application For Charcoal Briquette 

  • Used as bio fuels for boiler

  • For Stove, Home heating

  • Used BBQ charcoal for Barbecue

  • Fuels for Europe country Fireplace etc.

wood briquette making machine


Spart Part


1.The Inner Former can be used for 1-2 years.The former is made from a whole steel bar through a water jet cutting system so that the internal surface is smooth. Therefore, it’ll be easier to form and save energy.

This is why the finished produces such as sawdust briquettes are smooth.


2.We adopted three heating rings which are made from thick copper wires and are ceramic inside.

Our biomass briquette machine adopts a durable material (high hardness alloy steel) to make the shaft.


3.We use a different process then what is normally used to make the screw shaft. The screw shaft is manufactured with a milling machine which guarantees that the distance between every screw is the same, and the angle of every screw is the same.

50mm Briquette Press


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wood carbonization furnaceThis wood carbonization furnace is an efficient stove can change wood log, wood briquette, coconut shell and bamboo Palm shells etc directly into final charcoal,can working without electricity.wood carbonization furnace

Working Principle:

1) Arrange wood briquettes in furnace, leave 25 cm distance from the briquette to the roof of furnace 

2) Close the door of furnace

3) Brn 10 kg wood briquettes, and put into furnace from the top holes.

4) Turn on the air fan

5) Leave a small gap at the top hole to supply a little air, this procedure lasts 6 hours, and during this 6 hours, make the gap smaller and smaller.

6) After 6 hours, watch the smoke from the chimney, compare the color of smoke, if the 

smoke become transparent, close the gap completely.

7) Turn off the air fan. 

8) Wait the stove become cool, this procedure lasts 6 to 8 hours 

9) Open the door, and leave the stove, make sure the gas come out and then check if the 

carbonizing is finished

10) If after 6 hours, the smoke is still strong, keep the air fan working, and leave the gap 

until the smoke become transparent. Sometimes, this procedure last 8-10 hours. 

11) At the end, if the carbonization is not complete, the wood briquettes don’t become 

charcoal totally, ignite again, and do as the above procedure 

12) The better quality of charcoal needs longer time of carbonizing, best charcoal sounds 

like steel, and no smoke when burn.

wood carbonization furnace



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 50mm Briquette Press

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