Запасные части для грязевого насоса F1300 F1600 для буровой установки нефтяных скважин

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Product Overview



Valve body and seat
1.The valve body and valve seat of valve assembly are made from high-quality knot steel treated with 20CrMnTi carburizing and quenching processes.
2.The surface hardness is greater than HRC 60.
3.The conical surface is ground finished to ensure a high requirement for roughness and geometric dimension.
4.The rubber sheet is made of polyurethane material which improves the service life of valve assembly, the operational use time is more than 300 hours.

Quality Requirement
valve assembly\\F-1600HL 7V1
Pressure-bearing 52Mpa
Metal 20CrMoTi, rubber leather imported polyurethane
valve seat\\F-1600HL 7V1
Pressure-bearing 52Mpa
Metal 20CrMoTi
valve assembly\\F-1300\\1600 Titanium alloy spot welding type
Pressure-bearing 35Mpa
Metal 20CrMoTi, rubber leather imported polyurethane
valve seat\\F-1300\\1600 Titanium alloy spot welding type
Pressure-bearing 35Mpa
Metal 20CrMoTi

The pressure grade of titanium alloy spot welded ceramic cylinder liner, piston, and valve assembly is not recommended to use over-pressure. If over-pressure must be used, it is recommended that the over-pressure should not exceed 5%.

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High Pressure Valve


Normal valve Seat

High pressure valve Seat

Valve Seats
Valve Nut
Valve Rubber
Valve Spring


Anti-corrosive wooden case
Anti-corrosive wood is after adding preservatives artificially through common wood, make it have anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, prevent fungus, insect-proof ant, prevent mildew and the characteristic such as waterproof.
Anti-corrosive wood besides anti-corrosive special still has the three basic functions that prevent termite, fungus,
and anti-corrosive. Antiseptic wood also has the characteristics of good permeability and strong anti-loss but also can inhibit the change of moisture content of treated wood, and reduce the degree of wood cracking.


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