Material heating and stirring reaction high pressure high temperature reactor autoclave for lab laboratory autoclave price

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Material heating and stirring reaction high pressure high temperature reactor autoclave for lab laboratory autoclave price

The high temperature and high pressure reaction kettle adopts a static seal structure, and the stirrer and the motor drive are connected by a magnetic coupler. Due to its non-contact transmission torque, the static seal replaces the dynamic seal, which can completely solve the leakage problem of stirring and make the whole medium and stirring. The components are completely sealed in a state of absolute sealing, so it is more suitable for stirring reactions of various flammable, explosive, highly toxic, precious media and other chemical media with strong penetrating force. It is the most ideal leak-free reaction equipment for vulcanization, fluorination, oxidation and other reactions in polymer material polymerization, food and other processes.

This series of high pressure reactor autoclave has the following advantages.

This lab high pressure reactor autoclave contains following parts: support column, pressure gauge, inlet valve, outlet valve, motor, pressure relief valve, handle, kettle body, etc. The detailed structure picture is as below.

High temperature autoclave have seiko quality, the product details is showed below picture.

Product Paramenters

The high temperature and high pressure autoclave have different specifications and models. The following specifications and parameters are for reference. If you have special customization requirements, such as volume, material, temperature, etc., you can email us to tell your detailed requirements, we provide you with suitable design solutions. Click here

Product name
High Pressure Reactor
Volume (L)
Design Pressure
Max Temperature
Heating Method
Conventional electric heating, others are far infrared, heat transfer oil, steam, circulating water, etc.
Heating Power
Stirring Speed
Motor Power
SS304;SS316 or add PTFE lining

Lifting Method
Manual lift, can be customized electric lift
Temperature Controller
Real-time display of speed, temperature, working time, heating voltage, etc., to adjust the heating voltage. Temperature and speed, standard PID automatic temperature adjustment table, automatic constant temperature, can be equipped with current motor meter, pressure digital display meter and computer software
Temperature Controller Working Environment
Ambient temperature 0-50°C, relative humidity 30-85%, no conductive dust and corrosive gas in the surrounding medium

Product Real Shot

The real pictures of the high temperature high pressure reactor are as follows, see the excellent quality for details.


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Company Profile

Our factory has more than 30 years of production experience, and has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of single and double glass reactors, stainless steel high pressure reactors, high and low temperature circulating oil baths, low temperature liquid circulating pumps, etc. We have a number of honorary certificates and patents. Our products are sold at home and abroad. At present, we have reached cooperation with many schools and enterprises.

Packaging and Shipping

Our laboratory equipment and supplies such as glass reactors, rotary evaporators, high and low temperature circulation devices, water-oil baths, stainless steel autoclaves, etc. are usually packaged in wooden boxes with bubble paper inside, and products in smaller quantities are shipped by air, such as UPS, TNT, FedEx, EMS, etc. If there is a lot of goods, we will use containers to transport them by sea.


NO.1 What is the minimum order quantity?
one set.

NO.2 What payment terms can you accept?
We usually accept TT, Paypal, Western Union, Alibaba Escrow, and L/C. The exact term will be discussed during the deal.

NO.3 How to solve the equipment trouble during using?
Please send us email for the problem, pictures or a small video will be much better, we will find the problem and help you to solve it.

NO.4 Will you provide service beyond the warranty?
Yes, we provide lifetime service for our products, but it won't be free beyond the warranty period.

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