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Product name
Wool dryer balls & Wool laundry balls
6cm/7cm/7.5cm or Customizable
100% New Zealand wool
360 Piece
Free Sample Available

Wool Dryer Balls:

1.100% New Zealand wool dryer balls, Eco friendly. No harm to the environment.

2. Last for 1000 loads minimum, reusable, top green product to save you money and last for years.

3.Shorten drying time by up to 25%. Reduce appliance usage, electricity bill, and save your waiting time.


100% New Zealand Wool
Reduce electrostatic adsorption
Environmently friendly choice

Reduce drying time and static with our Wool Dryer Balls Eco-friendly fabric softener
【100% All-Natural Healthy Wool 】6 Pack XL LARGE Wool Dryer Balls can take care of your skin!! 100% natural New Zealand wool, environmentally friendly, PVC-free, chemical-free and dye-free. It is suitable fordrying sheets, diapers and clothes. The drying process will not produce any harmful substances and will not cause any respiratory allergies and skin problems, which is safe and poses no risk to your family health.

【Shorten Drying Time& Soften Clothes】The bouncing noise of wool drying balls is very low, which not only can prolong the service life of the dryer, but also can save time 25%-40% and electricity.Dryer Lint Balls can eliminate wrinkles and entanglement on clothing which mean reduce wrinkles lint of clothes and the need to iron your laundry,soften laundry,static cling ,so Make your clothes more durable.

【Enjoy Favorite Essential Oil Smell】 Our Wool dryer ball is a green,safe,Efficient & saving solution to all clothes and family! You can even ad a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your wool dryer balls, giving your laundry a soothing, refreshing fragrance and enjoy your favorite smell as well as the luxury of soft, neat and dry laundry!

【Reuse More Than 1000 】Not only Total drying time can be reduced by 25%-40%,but also they can be can be reused for one year and more than 1000. Drying balls are natural alternatives to fabric softeners with excellent quality,so It can reduce waste, reduce the demand for chemicals and replace disposable products.Wool balls are efficient and Eco-friendly alternative for your new drying experience!

【Service】Sheep living in New Zealand in the southern hemisphere,they will climb the steep slopes of mountain areas to nibble grass for winter besides moving on the flat land. Wool is usually cut in the early spring before the arrival of strong sunlight. it is characterized by high color and smooth. Our Wool balls are made directly from New Zealand wool without dyeing. They are comfortable and clean, maintaining natural color and texture.

Net Weight
6 cm / 2.36"
25-30 g
7 cm / 2.75"
40 g
7.5 cm / 2.95"
48 g
8 cm / 3.15"
55-60 g
9 cm / 3.54"
85-90 g
10 cm / 3.93"
100-110 g

Brand Name
Model Number
4 ~ 10 cm
100% Newzealand Wool
4-10 cm
Cotton Bag
Dryer Helper
Customized Color
Product name
Wool Felt Laundry Dryer Ball
Round Wool Dryer Ball
wool felt drying ball
Product Keywords
Wool Dryer Balls
Name of Product
Wool Drying Ball

Ruiying Wool Dryer Balls

Ruiying dryer balls are always made of 100% New Zealand wool. They will not unravel and will last for years. Their size is optimal for maximum dryer efficiency. They are great for fluffing down feather items such as quilts and jackets. Using wool dryer balls saves your skin from chemicals used in dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners, and it also saves your dryer from the residue left from these.

* Try scenting the dryer balls by placing a few drops of essential oil (lavender, lemon, etc) on each ball. This will lightly
scent your clothes!
* Reduce static further by making sure clothing is not over-dried. Try taking clothes out sooner than you usually do.
* 3 pack of Wool Dryer Balls for a small load.
* 6 pack of Wool Dryer Balls for a large load.

How to Use Wool Dryer Balls :
1.Once you load your freshly washed laundry into the dryer, toss 3-4 wool dryer balls into the dryer for small loads. For larger loads, use 5-6 wool dryer balls.
Why to Use Wool Dryer Balls :
2.To use them, just put them in the dryer and leave them in there. Simple! They can attract thread hair on Clothes, Reduce Static electricity, Soften Clothes.

* Made of 100% New Zealand wool, the Extra Large Wool Dryer Balls 6-Pack is an eco-friendly way to soften clothing for every
member of your family.

* Wool Dryer Balls also help the air circulate throughout your laundry and help reduce static. All-natural and chemical-free, you
can replace dryer sheets with this reusable alternative.

* Each ball lasts for up to 1,000 dryer loads.

100% New Zealand Wool
* 100% premium wool from New Zealand, No chemicals, No fillers, No synthetics, No dyeing.

* Hypoallergenic & Baby Safe: 100% Natural, 100% Wool,100% Organic, Recycling, Environmental.

* Customized Package: 2 pack /3 pack/ 4 pack /6 pack/8 pack/10 pack/12 pack.

* Last up to 1,000 loads or about 3 years,They Save Time, Energy & Money!

* Humanely Sheared Sheep,We Will Not Hurt any Sheep,They are Happy When shearing at the Hot Weather

Cleaning Instructions:
* There is no need to clean your wool dryer balls as they are only in the dryer with clean clothes.
* However if they need cleaned just place in the washer on warm and dry in dryer.

Energy-Saving Laundry Tips !!
1. Use cold water to save on heating.

2. Only do full loads of laundry.

3. Clean the dryer lint filter after each load.

4. Don't over dry. Take clothes out as soon as they are done.

5. Last but not least, use our wool dryer balls!

Nangong City Ruiying Felt Product Co.,Ltd is the professional manufacturer and the exporter specialized in producing the wool dryer balls,laundry balls,laundry wool balls located in the North of China for more than 30 years experiences .

* We are a leading company with many years' experience in wool dryer balls business, produce the wool dryer balls more than 50,000 per day,make 1.5 million wool balls every month,annual output 20 million wool balls,so can guarantee the on time delivery time.

* Our company has a high-quality full-Azimuth management team, develop machinery and technology .product design, mold manufacturing,customized LOGO design ,UPC Barcode sticked .send the goods to amazon warehouse directly one-stop service .so it is high effenciey easy.

* Our factory is the only one here, that has the legal sewage disposal equipment, dust treatment facilities. When make the dryer balls, our factory use all electric heating drying room, Automatic control of temperature and humidity in the drying room has achieved the best drying effect more stable. Drying room temperature more stable, drying out will not have drying uneven and mildew phenomenon.

*Certification of SGS, ROHS 2.0 test ,Germany TUV test, GIG report and 100% New Zealand Organic Wool Test to show
our products are eco friendly and not contain any harmful contents.

*Professional factory direct sale ,great quality, competitive price,on time delivery,inspect strictly goods and package to avoid any damage.

Q:Are you a manufacturer or trading company?
A:We are a factory concentrate on felt manufacture more than 30 years,and we have our own trading company focusing on the trading business.

Q:Does the factory have a audit?
A:SGS , BSC and Target.

Q:Is there a certificate for wool material?
A: We have 100% wool/ New zealand wool CO.

Q. Can I have a sample order for the products?
A: Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality.

Q. What about the lead time?
A:Samples and small quantities of goods only take 3 days, Large quantities of products about take 7
days, based on quantity and customized product.

Q:Can it be shipped to Amazon warehouse?
A:Yes.We have a lot of experience on Amazon.

Q: Do you offer guarantee for the products?
A: If bulk order have quality problem, you will get compensate.

Sales manager : Echo Xiao
Telephone : +8618032885372
Whatsapp: +8618032885372
Wechat: 18032885372
Skype : +8618032885372
Address : No. 150, zhaojiaying village, Chuiyang Town, nangong city, Xingtai City, Hebei Province
Factory : Nangong City Ruiying Felt Products Co., Ltd

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