660mm PDC hole opener pdc reamer bit customized for trenchless

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Product Overview


Product Description

 660mm PDC hole opener pdc reamer bit customized for trenchless


Basical Specification
name 660mm PDC hole opener pdc reamer bit customized for trenchless
blade number5
body typesteel body
primary cutter size1916
connection thread65/8" API FH pin and 7 5/8 reg box
Formation soft to medium hard rock formation






bit usage 


  1. Please select the applicable formation and parameters according to the instructions.

  2. Carefully check the bits appearance and to check the bits threaded end face,whether the serial number on the box and certificate.

  3. Selection of WOB and RPM should be within the limits of the recommended parameters, higher WOB and RPM cannot be used simultaneously.

  4. Bottom hole must be clean and bit must not be used for long section reaming.

  5. Drilling process must operate smoothly, find that there is Bie jump on abnormal phenomenon, should be timely analysis and take effective measures

  6. The bit should be kept indoor with dry and well ventilated conditions at 10-33℃ and kept from sunshine and rain. Stored under such conditions, quality of bit is guaranteed for 4 years.

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