High Purity 5N 99.999% Polycrystal Silicon Si Planar Target Planar Polysilicon Sputtering Target Customized Shape Size

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Product Overview


Product Overview

Planar polysilicon target
Composition: Si, purity 99.999%;
Processing technology: This product is prepared by straight drawing/ingot casting and precision machining;
Application range: This product is widely used in magnetron sputtering coating in optoelectronic industry.

Sputtering is one of the main techniques for preparing thin film materials. It uses the ions generated by an ion source to accelerate and accumulate in a vacuum to form a high-speed energy ion beam, bombard the solid surface, and exchange kinetic energy between the ions and the atoms on the solid surface. The atoms on the solid surface leave the solid and are deposited on the surface of the substrate. The bombarded solid is the raw material for the deposition of thin films by sputtering, which is called the sputtering target. Various types of sputtered thin film materials have been widely used in semiconductor integrated circuits, recording media, flat displays, and surface coatings of workpieces.


1. Analytical method

Analytical Properties
Chemical composition
Atomic Emission Spectrometer
Physical properties
Density Balance / Four Point Probe / Metallographic Microscope

2. Chemical composition

Content (%)

3. Physical properties

Finished Density
Grain size

4. Size specification
The production and inspection benchmarks are based on customer drawings.

5. Appearance specification
Visual inspection of appearance:
1) There is no foreign matter residue, oxidation, stain, etc. on the surface;
2) No visible cracks and bubbles;
3) No visible scratches and bumps.

6. Use, packaging and storage
6.1 Precautions:
1) The surface of the product must be kept clean, and plastic gloves must be worn when touching the surface of the target to avoid dust, grease, water and other pollution;
2) Products must be stored in vacuum bags or protective films before secondary processing or assembly by customers to prevent surface oxidation and pollution;
3) When the product is used for secondary processing or assembly by customers, corresponding protection should be done to avoid surface damage and mechanical impact.

6.2 Packaging:
1) The product is sealed and packaged in an independent vacuum bag, the customized pearl foam is fixed and protected in a special wooden box/carton, and the external packing tape is reinforced to ensure convenient and safe transportation;
2) The "Quality Report" of the product is attached in the packing box, and the report includes the size, purity, impurity content and other information of this batch of products;
3) The inner label is attached to the outside of the sealed vacuum bag, and the outer label is attached to the outer side of the outer box. The label contains the product name, specification, material number, quantity, production batch number, and customer order number.

6.3 Storage method
1) Storage conditions: ventilated, dry, clean, temperature 5~35℃, humidity lower than 70%;
2) Handling and protection requirements: must be handled with care;
3) Guarantee date: 6 months from the production date.

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