Professional Carpet Production ak 1cut pile ak 2loop pile Machine Carpet Looms Weaving Machines With CE Certificate tufting gun (1600580555376)

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50-60 HZ
Pile height
Tufting Speed Range
5-45 stiches
Carpet Gun Weight
3 lbs (1.4 kgs)
Output DC
24V small adapter

How to use glue gun:
1. Before using the tufting spray gun, please rotate the gear to check if the gear is stuck. -----If the gear is stuck, please slide the floating oil up and down.
2. Plug the charger into the socket, and then plug the output end of the charger into the wire of the tufting machine. At the same time, the indicator light will light up.
3. Please turn on the power switch first, and then press and hold the operation button to operate the tufting gun.
How to embroider a pattern:
When using the tufting gun, the front hand holds the handle of the tufting gun, and the back hand pushes upward evenly and forcefully. After aperiod of use, you can pierce high-quality patterns.
After using the tufting gun every day, clean the fluff on the needle thread,add an appropriate amount of lubricant, and then unplug the power source.

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We have different quality and material for option, please contact us to get our latest catalog and quoation.

This is a crazy popular machine AK-I tufting gun. It has been selling well all over the world for 10 years.
AK-I Cut pile tufting gun
AK-II Loop pile tufting gun
Product name: Electric tufting gun
Voltage: AC 110V-240V
Output power: 70W
Motor speed: 2400~3000r/min
Carpet thickness: 9-21MM
Spray gun speed: 5-40 steps/sec
Charging method: plug-in use
Product size: 38*27*8cm/14.6*10.6*3.1inch
Product weight: 1380g/3.04lbs
Package weight: 2300g/5.07lbs

This is a super powered rug carving clippers. The power from the 250W motor lets you trim your rugs effortlessly. It belongs to
the third generation machine and is one of the most powerful shaving tools available.
If you are hesitating which machine to choose? Just take it away!
Speed: 2000-6000rpm
Power: 200W
Power Source:Plug-in electric
Global Universal Voltage:100-240V
Working Mode: Working with Charging

This is an excellent pair of electric scissors that are popular in the tufting world. It supports cutting all kinds of materials, let it cut freely on your carpet!
◆ Weigt: 412g
Battery Capacity: 2000mAh
Charger: 3-5 hours charger
Voltage: 3.6V

Tufting Gun Monks Cloth - with Yellow Guidelines,Great backing for Rug tufting and Rug Hooking.This kind of tufting fabric perfect matchs for the tufting gun.
Content: 35% cotton, 65% polyester
Density: 26 x 26 stitches per square inch
Weight: 260g per square meter
Double weft & Double warp

This is so popular final backing fabric for all tufted works (tufting gun \\ Punch Needle),
Features: This tufting backing fabric is soft and durable and professional finish to the back of your tufted work.
It has super anti-slip properties, and it can better protect carpets and floors. It is currently the most popular felt rug
backing cloth.
If you want to better bind your tufting works. You can choose it.

This tufting backing fabric is soft and durable and professional finish to the back of your tufted work.Most tufting gun beginners are using felt to back their tufted works which is a good option. However if you want your carpet to last a long time and be able to repair in the years to come, this fabric is the way to go.

This is a very popular duckbill scissors.
Scissors specially designed for carpet making and trimming. Excellent duckbill shape design allows you to easily build a neat
carpet and perfect for removing the fringe from carpets and rugs. The outer edge of the duckbill separates & lifts fabric to
protect your base layer.

This is a Wooden free standing frame with tack strips. It is easy to install , We offer 2 types of Tufted Frame, Desktop Frames &
Floor Footed Frames, and we have 12 sizes. You can find the right size, or we can customize any size.
The frame is equipped with a yarn support and 2 G-clips, or with feet, no matter which style you buy. You don't need to make any
additions to the framework. It is a complete set of tufted shelves!

This is a professional rug binding tape, it used for trimming the edges of rug. As a handmade rug binding tape, it can be used for
many years.
You can use it in all kinds of handmade rugs. For example, tufting gun rug、 punch needle rug.

This is a V Shaped Rug Carver. it allows you to make carpets that have an incredible professional finish, It is an essential tool
for more handmade rug makers!
Weight: 1.5kg
Motor Speed: 1500rpm
Power Supply: 220 V 50/60Hz
Blade angle: 90 degree
Working Mode: Working with Charging
Power Source:Plug-in electric

This is an excellent carving scissors popular in tufting circles. It supports speed adjustment, let it sculpt freely on your
◆ Weigt: 1072g
◆ Speed: 0 - 1000rpm
◆ Power: 100 - 240v 50/60HZ
◆ Input Power: 200w

it's light , only 365g, but the suction power is very large, it can easily absorb the yarn scraps on the carpet. Keep your carpet
clean. With three suction heads, she can suck all kinds of debris from the carpet.

It is not only used for rug, it can also clean up the dust on sofas, wardrobes, and beds at home. You can remove the sucked dust
in the "dust bin".

This machine can print the
pattern you want on the
tufted cloth, which solves the trouble of pre-composition,
he can print patterns on all fabrics,such as cotton,
linen, blended, modal,
chiffon, denim, etc.

This is hand held flat shearing machine is a portable shearing machine with 3 inches blades, with the characteristic of small
volume & high speed, it has no restriction of applicable area and can work like a carpenter’s plane. The depth of the blades is
adjustable to flatten the rug piece to your desired thickness.
It is an essential tool for more handmade rug makers!

For Tufting / Fabrics / Paper / Plastic / Wood
Smooth trigger action
Integral fold away stand
Easy, quick and versatile
Blue gun \\ White gun
Glue sticks features:
10 Glue Sticks - 11 x 190mm
High Quality Transparent Glue Sticks
Excellent adhesion to most substrates including Tufting / Ceramics / Fabrics / Paper / Plastic / Wood

This is an exciting tool for yarn!

A hand-cranked yarn winder that tackles more bulk yarns. It makes it easy to wrap the bundled yarn around the cone.
How to use: It's very simple, just fix the machine on the table. Check out the product video.

◆ It can wind up to 500g of yarn and can meet various yarn needs.
◆ It is matched with a speed control button, you can control the winding speed.
◆ It can combine multiple strands of yarn, and they will be wound evenly and quickly.
◆ It is easy to assemble, small in size, and does not take up space.
◆ It has tension adjustment setup, no one needs to guard it.

This is a tufting tool, which is more compact. Combination of two parts of wooden fixing frame and acrylic board.
It is only 16*10cm in size, if you like a large shearing guide, please check out our latest 3D guide tool.
The clear and transparent acrylic sheet allows you to see the whole picture of the carpet at a glance. 100% smooth across your

This link is for all tufting gun parts : scissors \\ loop needle \\ Scissors openers . If your handmade machine's scissors are
blunt, you can buy it. We will send a replacement video.
Scissors and loop needle 、scissors openers are treated with carbon. So their color is black. The purpose is to increase the

For Tufting / Fabrics / Paper / Plastic / Wood
Smooth trigger action
Integral fold away stand
Easy, quick and versatile
Glue sticks features:
Glue Sticks - 11 x 190mm
High Quality Transparent Glue Sticks
Excellent adhesion to most substrates including Tufting / Ceramics / Fabrics / Paper / Plastic / Wood

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Q:Which is your main market?
A: European, America, Southeast Asia countries and areas etc.

Q: Can you offer free sample for quality evaluation?
A: Sure, we ca offer free sample if normal colors and design, but freight fees will be paid by your side.

Q: How long can I receive the samples?
A: 4-7 days by express delivery.

Q:How do you control the quality of the products?
A: We have a strict and complete process flow to control our quality. Inspections of each step will be done during the production
process. Besides, we have professional QC to do sampling inspection every day.

Q:What are your carpet sizes?
A:We could custom any sizes as customer's requirement.

Q:What about the production capacity?
A: 500000 sqmt one month
Q:How long is the production time?
A: 15days.

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