Skz400 Tester Machine 1 Thermo Scienc Xrf Gold And Diamond Test Nir Near Infrared Spectrometer Optical Instruments (1600580715323)

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Product Overview


Product Overview




Accurate detection of hazardous substances (Pb, Hg, CD, Cr, Cr, PBBs, PBDEs) restricted by ROHS directive of EU; halogen-free directive; detection of eight heavy metals in toys and other industries, including cadmium (CB), lead (PB), mercury (Hg), chromium (CR), antimony (sb), arsenic (BA) and selenium (SE);


Tzt-T6 is a new generation of RoHS detector independently developed and produced by Tanzhi science and technology. It adopts Si PIN detector imported from the United States. The range of element testing is from sulfur s to all elements of uranium and u, and RoHS detection experts.


Technical parameters:

Name:TZT-T6 ROHS Precious Metal Testing Machines Analyzer X Ray Spectrometer Machine Tester Xrf Metal Heavy metal detection
Testable elements:Elements from sulfur to uranium RoHS restricted harmful elements Pb/Hg/Cd/Cr/Br HF limited halogen harmful element Br/Cl The eight heavy metals in En71-3 are lead (Pb)/ (As)/ (Sb)/ (Ba)/(Cb)/ (Cr)/ (Hg)/ (Se)
Sample camera system:5 million HD positioning system Test time:60s (software auto adjustment)
Equipment principles:X fluorescence energy dispersion        Collimator:

Light spot :φ1mm/3mm/5mm

 ( automatic selection by software)

Lowest limit of detection

Content analysis:0.01%-99.99%

RoHS:Cd/Cr/Hg/Br≤2ppm  Pb≤5ppm Cl≤60ppm;S-U

Detector:Si-Pin probe(Made in USA)145±5eV

Material of X-ray tube window


Metal Be-window

Sample forms/range


Operating systerm:Windown 7 or 10
Work enviroment:- 11 ~ 46 °CAdvantages:excellent cooling system
 Battery support::noIntelligence:automatic protection
Label/normal/thermal  printer:supportDimension of sample cavity 30*28*20cm

High Voltage source



Machine net weight:


Built-in computer:

Yes:External 22 inch HD displayMachine size:450×450×350mm


Product advantage:

  • Integrated steel frame structure, integrated industrial computer, dual touch screen display design, smooth and convenient operation;

  • With the introduction of Si- PIN detector made in the United States, the detection range and accuracy are greatly improved;

  • Independent module design of core accessories avoids mutual electromagnetic interference, improves the detection limit of the instrument and reduces the failure rate of the instrument;

  • It has the function of real-time temperature monitoring of core hardware. Through the analysis and design of heat source and real-time control of software, the heat of hardware can be discharged in time to reduce the influence of temperature change on the detector.


Standard configuration:


          X fluorescence spectrometer complete machine 1
          DianInfinite mouse + 1 set of mouse
          Power cord 1
          Sample box 1
          1 energy calibration block
          Plastic standard sample block 1
          Sample cup 2
          Test film 100 sheets
          Dust cover 1

            Inkjet color printer 1
          1 set of certificate, instruction manual, warranty manual, etc.


Application fields:

  • Heavy metal detection

  • Household Electric Appliances

  • Children's Toys

  • Communication equipment

  • Electric tool

  • Alloy stainless steel

  • Flame retardant materials


Working pricinple:




Industry Application

Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF) is a physical element analysis method. In recent years, XRF is mainly used as a fast testing method has played a great role in electronics, electrical appliances, jewelry, toys, food, building materials, metallurgy, geology and mining, plastics, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine and other industries.

XRF has the advantages of rapid, nondestructive, simultaneous analysis of multiple elements and low cost.

XRF W7 belongs to high-end integrated model, triple ray protection system, humanized operation interface, comprehensive application of experience coefficient method and basic parameter method v8.0 analysis software. In other words, it can detect Pb, CD, Hg, Br in PBDE and PBB, Cr in hexavalent chromium and Cl and Br elements in Halogen-free directive. It can fully meet the RoHS / WEEE / halogen-free control requirements. The well-designed open working curve function is especially suitable for multi materials factory process control. Moreover It has superior test performance in metal analysis, such as copper alloy, ferroalloy, aluminum alloy, test stability and accuracy in the industry are relatively excellent.


XRF is widely used to test electroplating coatings, such as iron zinc plating, iron chromium plating, copper nickel plating, gold plating, copper tin plating, etc.


In addition, XRF is widely used in field analysis and process control analysis, such as waste metal recycling, soil field detection, online material inspection, etc




1.Highly integrated industrial motherboard and multi-piont hand tough,make it stable and fashion

2.Used a real 5 million pixel camera, the sample can be observed clearly and the location is accurate

3.The detection limit of trace elements is improved by using the two intensity  extraction algorithm of unique elements

4.The sound reminding function to facilitate the multitasking of the operator

5.Used water lamp control module, make the operator more easy to understand the state of the instrument

6.The software integrates multiple RoHS limit standards in the same mode.

7.The same software integrated component analysis and coating thickness analysis.





10.Integrates data statistics to facilitate quality departments to screen statistics of suppliers, material names, components, and test conditions during different periods of time.

11.provides an open work curve calibration function, which can be used to determine the best method and control scheme for the detection of harmful substances for the users.

12.Automatic inspection software and fault judgment function to ensure that the instrument is always running in the best working state and is eliminated in time when abnormal condition occurs.

13.analysis data backup/ restore function, avoid the loss caused by misoperation or other reasons, and ensure the security of data and system files.

14.Customize the test report output format (Excel, PDF and list, etc.) according to the user's needs, and meet the various statistical requirements of the factory.

15.It has the core hardware real-time temperature monitoring function.Through the heat source analysis system and the real-time control, the heat of hardware is discharged in time. In order to reduce the influence of temperature change on detector .

16.Support large sample test function,and have process guidance design.


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Quality Control System:

  1. Every parts should be put in temperature and humidity test chamber for 72 hours before assembling.

  2. Every machine need to do aging testing for another 72 before shipping

       3.Every machine is with its unique series number .Engineer will be responsed for the quality of the machine he made.

1: The whole machine is guaranteed for 12 months; provide technical service support for life.


2: During the warranty period, if the product has quality problems under normal use, after verification by Party B, it will provide free maintenance services and will not charge any fees to Party A; if the quality problem is not the instrument itself, it is due to user's human factors. Party B needs Charge the cost of parts repair or replacement.


3: Response time: Within 24 hours.Any problem,our professional team can check for you remotely.



Company Profile


TZT was established in 2006 and specialized in researching, developing and producing X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Spectrometers. Its research centers are located in Hong Kong, Shanghai,Shenzhen,Nanchang.

TZT is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified organization offers wide array of testing analyzers. These devices have achieved international CE, FCC and RoHS certifications. They are capable of fast, precise and non-destructive metal testing, making them suitable for use by Jewellery retailers, Jewellery manufacturers, precious metal refineries, pawn shops, government quality supervision and inspection institution, banks, laboratories. TZT product yields more than any other competitive brands.

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4.Q: if I place an order on you, how should I pay?
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6.Q:About setup and training: Is the technician needed here? What dose it costs?
A:User manual will be attached.Engineer can give you the training remotely. It is free .Moreover the machine can work dependently. Don't need to connect with any other device.Easy to set up.
7. How is your after-sale servise?
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Skz400 Tester Machine 1 Thermo Scienc Xrf Gold And Diamond Test Nir Near Infrared Spectrometer Optical Instruments

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