Finest price factory directly supply ultrasonic guidance car system street parking lot sensor for smart city

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Equipment features:
1. The information is accurate and timely, and the parking space arrangement can be known in real time. By drawing the electronic map and calculating the accurate data of parking Spaces in the parking lot, the information can be transmitted to the information display screen, so as to facilitate drivers to accurately find free parking Spaces and improve the utilization rate of parking lots.
2. Reliable and accurate equipment, high anti-interference performance, no interference and mutual interference between equipment. The transmission distance of CAN communication is far, theoretically up to 10Km.
3. Convenient installation, simple and economical wiring, only a twisted pair and a pair of DC24V power cord. Any point of twisted pair can be connected to information screen, traffic light, card reader and other equipment.
4. Convenient for secondary development, the master controller is equipped with control serial port, and the "CM+" command set independently developed by the company is used to facilitate easy communication. For self-developed users, the complex underlying communication program development is completely avoided, such as call, answer, communication verification, error retransmission and other complex abstract work.

Equipment introduction
The system consists of ultrasonic parking measurement detector, sub-controller, central controller and control computer. The parking space detector measures the parking space occupancy or vacancy in real time, and transmits it to the sub-controller through the CAN bus, and the sub-controller transmits it to the central controller after processing. A maximum of 100 detectors can be attached to each sub-controller. The central controller and the computer exchange information.

1. Parking detector
Used for real-time detection of parking space or occupancy in parking lots, installed on the top of each parking space, each has When the vehicle enters or exits, the device detects it and transmits it to the sub-controller through the CAN bus. The red light or green light of the controller shows whether the parking space is occupied. Up to 100 detectors can be attached to each sub-controller. CAN bus CAN also be added to guide LED screen, card reader, traffic light and other equipment.
2. sub-controller
The sub-controller receives the information from the controller in the local domain, and CAN communicates with the central controller. The sub-controller is equipped with an LCD display screen and keyboard. Convenient installation personnel debugging, such as individual or system self-test, communication test and so on.
3. the center controller
The information of sub-controller is received through CAN bus, and command message is sent to sub-controller, with LCD display screen and keyboard

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Q1: Are you Manufacturer or trading company?
A: We are Manufacturer more than 15 years experience in Beijing China

Q2: How long is the delivery time for bulk order?
A: It depends on the order quantity, normally the delivery time will be 15-30 working
days. Pls kindly contact us before order.

Q3: OEM/ODM service available?
A: Yes, we accept OEM/ODM.

Q4: If I need customize Packing Cartons, is that available.
A: Yes, we have production line for packing box and cartons. we can make it according to your special requirement.

Q5: How to guarantee the Quality.
A: Yes, we have strict control of the quality from the raw material to finished products according to ISO9001 QC system.
We guarantee all products are 100% qualified and backed by lifetime warranty.

Q6:How will you delivery my order?
A: Normally for the order quantity less than 45 kgs, we send by Express; from 45-200kgs we suggest to send by Air. For Bulk order,
we will send by Sea. It all depends, we will compare and find the best solutions.

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