high reliable magnetic electric water tank level switch ,stainless steel float ball liquid level switch

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high reliable magnetic electric water tank level switch ,stainless steel float ball liquid level switch


Float level switch is a simple structure, easy to use level control device, it does not need to provide power, no complicated circuit, it has a smaller than the general mechanical switch, long life and other advantages. As long as the material selection is correct, and any nature of the liquid or pressure, the temperature can be used in the shipbuilding industry, generator equipment, petrochemical, food industry, water treatment equipment, dyeing and finishing industry, hydraulic machinery, etc. are widely application.


 working principle:

The level sensor is mainly composed of a reed switch and a float, which contains magnetic material, one or more reed switches in a closed non-permeable metal pipe or plastic tube, and then passes the conduit through one or more With a magnetic material of the float, and the use of fixed double-ring control float and reed switch in the relevant position, the float with the liquid rise or fall, the use of the ball near the beginning of the magnetic spring contacts, For level control or indication (when the float is close to the reed switch is turned on; off when the switch is off).


Product working principle:

The float switch is a simple and easy-to-use liquid level control part. It has no complicated circuit and is not subject to interference. Usually it is placed in a closed metal tube or plastic tube, and one or more reed switches are provided. After that, one or more hollow floats with a ring-shaped magnet inside the reed pipe are fixed on the rod diameter, and are fastened to the position of the magnetic spring by a buckle, so that the float ball is in a certain range with the liquid level. The surface changes in height and floats up and down, using the magnet inside the float and the reed switch to generate magnetic field induction, so that it generates an open and closed action signal, and controls the liquid level.


1. Can do multi-point control, control switch can be customized with liquid level position
2. Reed switch does not need to provide separate power supply, the life of the reed contact is generally up to 2 million times.
3. Single float switch can do multi-point control, which is lower than the unit price of other liquid level switches.
4. High reliability, simple wiring, easy installation and more energy saving.
5. Plastic float switch is more suitable for chemical liquids such as acid and alkali sites.
6. PP material, non-toxic, food grade, suitable for foods, household appliances, etc.
7. PP+NBR float ball, which can withstand higher temperature, lighter weight and better performance.
8. PVDF material, suitable for oil medium, temperature resistance up to 120 degrees, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, compact and durable structure

Technical data
Max Contact Rating10W50W
Max Switching Voltage100VDC220VDC
Max Switching Current0.5A1.5A
Min Breakdown Voltage220VDC300VDC
Max Carry Current1.0A3.0A
Max Contact Resistance100mΩ100mΩ
Temperature Rating-20~85°C-20~85°C









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