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Brief Introduction of multifunctional thresher machine:

Multi-functional thresher is suitable for threshing and sorting of corn, millet, sorghum, castor seeds, millet and other basically straw-free grains; it can also be used for threshing of crops with long straws such as rape and soybeans, because the straw is long thus efficient Lower.This machine can driven by motor,diesel engine and tractor.

Technical data of multifunctional thresher machine:

380v,50hz can customize
Diesel engine
2000-4000kg/h for maize
1000-2000kg/h for sorghum millet
500-800kg/h for beans

Working principle of multifunctional thresher machine:

Multi-functional thresher is designed according to the working principle of hammer-throwing corn thresher and spike-tooth cereal thresher. Manual or automatic feeding will feed the crops evenly and continuously from the feeding table. The crops are rubbed between the nail teeth (or hammer) and the sieve, the seeds fall off, and then fall through the sieve hole to the surface of the vibrating screen, and pass the vibrating screen The vibration and the air flow of the centrifugal fan separate the grain from the impurities. The grain flows out of the grain outlet of the vibrating screen, and the bran and other impurities with lighter specific gravity are sucked and discharged by the suction fan, making the threshing operation easier and better.

Raw material of multifunctional thresher machine:

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