Приветствуется небольшой заказ шелковая печать цветная Ультра прозрачная панель из закаленного стекла многофункциональное электрическое оптическое применение

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Product Overview



Borosilicate Glass
Tempered glass
Acid-etched Glass
Reflective Glass
Tinted Color Glass
Ultra Clear Glass
Texture/Pattern Glass
Wave Length
400~700 nm
90~95 %
Melting Temperature
1000 ℃
Heat Resistance
250~500 ℃ as per request
25 g/cm³
Moh's Hardness
≥ 92 %
Surface Quality
60~40 scratch-dig
Element Compound 
Aluminum or Lithium (Light/Medium/High), etc
Available Thickness
0.3~25 mm as per request
Size Tolerance
±0.02 mm
Silk Screen Print
Multiple Color Option as per request, print thickness 0.01~0.3mm
Optical Coating
Anti-Reflection [AR]
Anti-Glare [AG]
Anti-Fingerprint [AF]

Product Description

About Us

Huizhou Shengquan Optical Glass Products Co., Ltd

Social Credit Code: 91441303MA55FH7CIB

Located in pearl river delta of China, SQ has 8-year experience in Optical & Electric accessory glass.

SQ have been providing Optical & Electric accessory glass as a upstream supplier for domestic China houseware brands and industrial electric company.

SQ mainly provide glass customization products.

SQ initialized Export Business in 2020 and aimed to impress the overseas market with 'Huizhou
good quality'.

SQ is simple, honest and down-to-earth.

A1/A2/A3/A4, F5-B2, Quanling Technology,
Huizhou Gongan Fire Technology Park,
Huanghou Village, Zhenlong Town,
Huiyang District, Huizhou City,
Guangdong Province, China.

SQ has a factory covering an area of 100 square meter, offering Factory Price that's truly reflecting trend of glass market in China.

SQ has 50 experienced workers and 10 QC/QA and 10 design engineers in the factory plus 10 hardcore machines.

SQ worker are productive and Professional in Glass Secondary Processing, grinding/polish, silk printing, and material handling, and so on for any other knowledge about glass.

By the worker's effort, SQ has a Capacity of producing 1000+ sheets/pieces of glass product per day.

SQ is old-fashion and hardcore.

Manufacture Process

1. Prepare Glass Material
We offer various glass materials:
Normal / Ultra Clear Glass,
Borosilicate Glass / Quartz,
Tinted / Full Transparent Glass, etc.
2. Cut and Shape
We use fine CNC skill to polish, and grinding the glass into expected size & shape and carve texture and holes on it.
We normally engage in thickness:
0.3mm ~ 15mm.
3. Glass Tempering
Chemical Tempered Glass.
Moh's Hardness : 9.

4. Optical Coating
Anti-Reflection coating (AR).
Anti-Glare coating (AG).
Mirror Reflection.
5. Silk Screen printing
We provide multiple colors options, which can be print either on surface or back side.
Silk Screen printing thinness:
0.01 ~ 0.3mm.
6. Testing and QC/QA
Strict Quality Control.
After QC/QA, SQ workers will move the product to Ultra-Sonic room for cleaning.

Packaging Setting

Step 1 - Plastic Film / Shell
Each glass piece/sheet will be wrapped by plastic film / plastic shell.
(Factory Standard Packaging, for free)

Step 2 - Carton Box
The plastic-wrapped glass piece/sheet will be put into a Carton Box, surrounded by polyethylene foam in the carton box.
The size of the carton box depends on the final product volume/quantity.
(Factory Standard Packaging, for free)

Step 3 - Wooden Box
Finally, all is put into a wooden box as shipping packaging.
To protect the glass piece/sheet, SQ wooden box is thick and tough and durable during shipping.

Buyer Be-aware:
(Buyer pay for the wooden box).
If you concern about the shipping cost by wooden box, please contact us for further solution.


Delivery Time


1. Contact us and Design Drawing
We accept various file formats as long as it can clarify your ideas.
And we provide cross-category solution.

Click the picture on the left to jump to 'Contact Us' page.

2. Pricing and Contract
Tell us your:
expected price,
package requirement,
shipping address,
acceptable payment methods,

3. Production and Order Completing
After confirming all specification of custom design and contract terms, we start produce the glass product.
We complete the production depending on the complexity of the customization.
After making a deal, we provide continuing after-sale service.

Customization Included Service Layer

Customization Available Options - Colors

Customization Available Options - Edge

Straight Edge
Round Edge
‘Duckbill’ Edge

Customization Available Options - Angle

Safety Angle
Straight Angle
'Cut' Angle

Edge + Angle

Straight Edge
Straight Angle
Straight Edge
Safety Angle
Straight Edge
Round Angle

Straight Edge
'Cut' Angle
Round Edge
Safety Angle
'Duckbill' Edge
Round Angle

Contact Us

You can:
1. Ask for Free Sample of this product
(default 5~10 pieces)

2. Inquire for sample of your private design
(default 5~10 pieces)

Freight of sample is welcomed to be negotiated.

Export Manager

Email: allenchark@sina.com
Phone: (86) 1 3 2 4 7 5 7 7 6 6 7
WhatsApp: (86) 1 3 2 4 7 5 7 7 6 6 7

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