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Product Overview


Product Description

Cooling tower air Inlet Louvers prohibits the light of the sun from entering the cooling tower basin. Installing air inlet louvers helps control the growth of algae. Controlling the light and limiting algae growth means lowering chemical costs.
Cooling tower air Inlet Louvers also help lower the amount of splash-out from the cooling tower. This reduces the amount of water and chemical needed to run the cooling tower efficiently. Also, you will experience easier basin access and removal.
Without proper care and maintenance the air inlet louvers in cooling towers with counter flow can sometimes become scaled. If this happens it reduces cooling tower efficiency.
Cooling tower louvers that are scaled lessen the air flow to the unit thus lessening the efficiency.

A cooling tower louver is a component of an efficient cooling tower system. It helps ensure that water is in good quality and quantity.
In a cooling tower, water and air are brought together. In effect, certain conditions are likely to happen. For instance, species can grow, water and chemical quality might be reduced or water may splash out from the tower.
These conditions may reduce the effectiveness of the cooling tower and eventually the overall capacity of the plant, refinery or whatever project with cooling towers you are maintaining.
The cooling tower louvers and panels will help prevent these instances from occurring to ensure optimum performance of the cooling tower.
There are different types of cooling tower louvers. You can have an air inlet louvers cooling tower or a louver cellular panel.
Each also has different design and materials.

Product Name
Cooling tower louver
Main Ingredient
Ensure good quality for cooling water
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What is the function of louvers in cooling tower?
As pointed out above, louvers are used to prevent certain conditions from happening. These include:
* It prevents sunlight from penetrating into the tower’s basin. An exposure to sunlight paves way for the growth of algae and even some bacterial species.
* It hinders water splash out, which means water is retained inside the collection tank.
* It helps avoid large materials or debris from entering the tower.
* Not easy to block from water pipe to spray nozzle make a good temperature cooling
* It minimizes costs of maintaining the tower like chemical expenses to kill algae.
Type or design
A cooling tower louver can be an air intake louver or a louver panel. An intake louver is more a full blocked sheet of either PVC or galvanized or stainless material. The louver panel has panels or small holes across its body.
Size (Width, Thickness and Length)
Sizes of cooling tower louvers vary depending on the design or type and manufacturer variations.
We have air intake louvers that have a width of 8 9/6 inches and a thickness of 3/32-inch. Its other model or variation has a 10 ½-inch width and a 3/16-inch thickness.
Our other brands have a width of 700 to 800 millimeters and a length of 2,400 millimeters.
We also have a casing panel with a 42-inch with and thickness of ⅛ to ¼ inches with a maximum length of 144 inches.
While, there are also manufacturers that provide customized sizes to fit your desired or needed size.

Cooling tower louver material like its sizes are different. Some cooling tower air inlet and panel louvers are made from
polyvinyl chloride (PVC). You can also have a pick of galvanized or stainless material.
Key features and benefits of the cooling tower louver
Flexible to different cooling towers
Our cooling tower inlet louver is designed in a way that it can fit to different types of cooling towers. It is flexible enough
to adapt to different structures.

The cooling tower louver can also be fitted to a newly built cooling tower. It can also be retrofitted to existing cooling
towers, saving you from having to make significant changes.
Functional design
The cooling tower louver design is not simply to give aesthetics to the cooling tower. Our cooling tower louvers have a design that functions as a barrier for sunlight entry, entering of large debris and to improve the airflow in the tower.
It is helpful when to secure an algae-free tower, water splash-out prevention and the overall capability of the tower to
Smooth and glossy surface
One of the problems of cooling tower louver cleaning and maintenance is the build-up of scales.
To prevent this, our cooling tower louvers have a smooth and glossy surface that helps in preventing scaling. Thus, it can
minimize your expenses and effort for maintenance activities.
UV resistance
We have louvers that are also UV resistant. UV resistance is helpful in two ways.
First, it helps in preventing the growth of the algae to a certain extent.
Second, it also helps with the durability of the louver. Thereby, it extends the life of the product.
Corrosion Resistance

Aside from UV resistance, we also have products that are corrosion resistant. This feature likewise can give more life to the cooling tower louvers making it a cost efficient product for you.





Packing & Delivery

Company Introduction

Tianjin Latino Environmental Technology CO.,Ltd is a scientific-oriented economy body integrating with scientific research,
designing, manufacturing, installation and service maintenance, which is originated from European. We, Tianjin Latino are
specialized supply one stop service for the cooling tower parts and cooling tower engineer service.
Tianjin Latino’s main products are cooling tower, cooling tower Film Fill, cooling tower drift eliminator and cooling tower spray system, UPVC distribution pipes, FPR winding pipe, FRP profile parts,FRP gratings, Fan stack, etc. Tianjin Latino's cooling tower and cooling tower parts is being used widely used in the world. Our business involve in UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Poland, Israel, Russia, Turkey, UAE,IRAN, Malaysia,Philippines, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Australia, Thailand, India, Singapore and New Zealand, Netherlands,Ukraine, etc..
Tianjin LATINO has an experienced team in quality and project implement to support the purchasing activities of overseas
customers. Based on the superior design , professional service, Tianjin Latino’s cooling tower and cooling tower parts is widely used in the Petrochemical, Petroleum, Power, Metallurgy, Medicine and Rubber Industry, etc..
We aim to help all of the customers choose the suitable cooling tower parts from China with competitive price easily. and have the capacity to support every potential customer to be our sales agent successfully! We have good reputation int the cooling tower industry, based our superior quality, professional service.


Q1. What's your Main Product ?
The company's main products are cooling tower and Cooling tower parts such as Film Fill, drift eliminator and spray system, UPVC distribution pipes, FPR winding splash pipe, FRP profile parts, FRP gratings, Fan stack, band & clamp, etc

Q2:How to define the product price?
A: PVC cooling Tower material is based on the thickness,vicat point, color, density,fire classification, packing and quantity.
Q3. Do you keep the stock of your products?
A: Yes, we maintain a certain amount of standard products inventory, in time to meet your needs.
Q4. Whether you have the ability to accept the product customization?
A: Products can be customized, we can make the new thermoforming or extruding mode based on your drawings and we can sign a confidentiality agreement about your patented product, pls contact us for any further information.
Q5: What's your delivery time ?
The delivery time normally will be 10 -30days , the specified delivery date will be according to customer request and order
quantity .
Q6. How to reassure those who doubt the product quality and actual situations?
A professional system can ensure the whole latest development which will be monitored by you through the reports in the
diffferent stages.
Q7.How about your after sale service?
1. Warranty service
a).Warranty: 1 year.
b) .Warranty starting: acceptance date.
2. Service commitment
Warranty period:
a). Our company will be responsible for the quality problems arising from the maintenance, replacement of parts and related materials.
b). Artificial damage will be repaired by our company, but the damaged devices shall be paid.
3. Expiration of the warranty period:
a). Our company provides lifelong maintenance, but the user is responsible for the cost of labor and material.
b). Our company also provides charging upgrades and improvements following to the customer's requirements.

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