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Product Overview


Products Description

KelloCel™ applications are focused on but not limited to:
- Building materials
- Paint and coatings
- Personal care
- Cosmetics
- Oil drilling
- Pharmaceuticals
- ...

KelloCel in building materials

Main applications
Tile adhesive
Skim coat/Plaster(cement & gypsum based)
Tile grout/Joint filler

Better tile adhesives with KelloCel™
Tile adhesive grades of KelloCel™ products offer varying open time and sag resistance, depending upon required specifications.

KelloCel™ allows the hydration reaction to complete farther, thus allowing higher final adhesion strength to develop, especially for highwater-cement ratio formulas.

Grade recommendation:
KelloCel™ MK 5060
KelloCel™ MK 7080

Creamy Skim Coat with KelloCel™
KelloCel™ contributes easy workability in skim coat. KelloCel™ can prevent leakage of water into the sub-surface, thus prolongs hydration time and increases the open and correction time, improves the final adhesion strength due to fully hydration of cement.

Grade recommendation:
KelloCel™ MK 4028
KelloCel™ MK 5048

Premium Tile Grout with KelloCel™
KelloCel™ provides a very “creamy” texture to the grout, prevents cracking of the grout from the shrinkage. As strengths develop and as drying shrinkage is delayed, the likelihood of cracking is dramatically reduced.

Grade recommendation:
KelloCel™ MK 2058

Superb Gypsum-based Products with KelloCel™
KelloCel™ modified building materials can drastically increase the water demand and workability, which increases both working time and volumetric yield, thus making the formulation much more economic.

Superb anti-sagging property can help workers level the surface, even when the gypsum mortar is thick.

Grade recommendation:
KelloCel™ MK 3090 KelloCel™ MK 7080

Smooth Self Leveling with KelloCel™
KelloCel™ brings good suspension effect to prevent the layering and bleeding, keeps the fluidity of the mortars and improves workability. KelloCel™ reduces the cracks and shrinkage problems owing to its good water retention, and makes the surface smooth after leveling.

Grade recommendation:
KelloCel™ MK F4

KelloCel™ in Thermal Insulation Mortar
KelloCel™ can give workers prolonged open time to correct such mistakes without having to clean up old adhesive and applying new adhesives. It can encapsulate lightweight filler and reduce the water absorption of mortar.

Air-entraining property of KelloCel™ gives insulation mortar a better workability, as well as higher work efficiency and yield/coverage. KelloCel™ can keep the consistency of the mortar well for a long time, with less bleeding and good slurry stability.

Grade recommendation:
KelloCel™ MK 4060 KelloCel™ MK 5060

Other Applications of KelloCel™
Besides these applications in general building materials, water based paints, detergents & personal care products,  KelloCel™  can be used in many other applications such as inks, foods, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and textile. KelloCel, always exploring.

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Our Advantages

- Full equipped laboratory ensures the products quality through pre-shipment tests
- Efficient delivery
- Sample available
- Customized products and packages
- Professional teams with prompt response and 24 hours online
- Sample testing support
- Sample room for products tracking of each batch

Packaging & Shipping

HS code: 3912390000
- 25 KG per woven bag made with compound woven fabric and inner PE bag.
- 12000kg (480 bags) of palletized goods in 20’ container.
- 24000kg (960 bags) of palletized goods in 40’ container.


1.What’s your capacity per year?
- About 6000MT/year.

2.Can you provide samples?
- Sample delivery is available for us.

3.What about your lead time?
- Usually it will take us about 7-15 days after the FCL order confirmed.

4.Which payment is available?
- We can accept T/T, LC, DA, or some others agreed by both parties.

5.Can you accept customized package?
- Yes, we can.

Why choose KelloCel?
- We focus on and expertise in cellulose ether industry for more than 12 years.
- We keep a keen eye to the new market evolution, and we design specialized grades with best performance and cost effectiveness.
- We provide the best appropriate product to each customer from our indepth understanding of customers’ needs from cultural, geographic and climatic perspectives.
- We have strict quality control system to ensure batch-to-batch consistency.
- We provide comprehensive technical and application evaluation services to give our customers a competitive edge.
- We provide expedient and efficient export and import process from our wealth of accumulated experience.
- We pride ourselves in contract fulfillment, timely deliveries, flexible cooperation and all-out commitment to win-win
philosophy. We consider sustainability a journey, not a destination.

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