221-LKH Open loop direct measurement ac current transformer sensor current sensor 20a ac dc hall current hall sensor analog out

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When T A =25℃:≤±1
offset voltage
When T A =25℃:≤±25
Magnetic Offset Voltage
IP=0 after 3*IPN:≤±25
Offset voltage temperature drift
IP=0T A 
Bandwidth (-3dB)
Response time
Integrator power
Working temperature

product description
The sensor works on the principle of direct measurement Hall detection. The magnetic flux generated by the primary current is
gathered in the magnetic circuit, and the Hall voltage signal is detected by the Hall device.

After amplification by the amplifier, the voltage signal accurately reflects the primary current.

1: Can measure AC, DC and pulse signals
2: Strong resistance to external interference, high common mode rejection ratio
3: Low temperature drift, fast response time, wide frequency band
4: Perforated structure, no insertion loss
5: Detachable structure for easy installation

Scope of application
1: AC frequency conversion speed regulation
2: Servo motor traction
3: Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
4: Welding machine, battery power supply
Installation Precautions
1: The sensor should be wired correctly, otherwise it may damage the internal components of the sensor
2: The dynamic performance (di/dt and response time) is best when the input current bank is fully filled with the primary side perforation

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