400ml Biosafer Ultrasonic Dispersion Homogenizer Liquid Probe Horn Sonicator For Oil Emulsion

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Product Overview


Biosafer Lab Scale Ultrasonic cell crusher disruption system Sonicator Homogenizer


Biosafer  Ultrasonic Homogenizer

Biosafer ultrasonic homogenizer for small portions of a variety of plants and animals, bacteria, virus, cell and tissue, and can be used to emulsify, division, homogenization,extraction, defoaming, cleaning, nanometer material preparation, dispersion and chemical reactions, etc.

Instruments are widely used in biology, microbiology, physics, zoology, agriculture, pharmaceutical, chemical, sewage treatment, nano materials, and other fields, can also be used to produce wave extraction, ultrasonic material preparation, ultrasonic extraction, ultrasonic emulsification etc.




Product Features

With backlight, LCD display, that have high resolution;

PWM is used to control the switching power supply, pulse time and power are adjustable continuously, and stability is good;

Controlled by microcomputer, can store 50 groups of experimental data;

Ultrasonic power automatically detect and prevent pulse power changes over the sample temperature;

Using the central microcomputer integrated temperature control system to prevent the sample overheating, with overheating alarm function;

Selection of low-temperature cooling liquid circulating machine, temperature range can be controlled up from - 80℃ to 100℃, avoid high temperature during the sample broken, affect its activity;

Ultrasonic power can be 1% accuracy can be adjusted continuously, ultrasonic - time can be accurately adjustable from 0.1 to 9.9S;

Can sample processing capacity of 0.2-5000ml ( processing capacity according to the horn type, selection of various types of titanium alloy probe );

With sample parameters can be real-time display, microcomputer automatic frequency tr acking, automatic fault alarm.



Operating Frequency(KHZ)

Ultrasonic Power(W)

Random horn

Crushing capacity(ml)

Optional horn





















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