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Now vinyl gradually has a feeling of revival. Old players can be said to be a feeling, but many young friends have also begun to join in, and many businesses have begun to think of vinyl. Some top audio exhibitions have also begun to choose to use black. Glue is used as a sound source.


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Vinyl is mentioned again because the sound quality of vinyl records is the closest to the original sound, especially when many well-known performers, conductors, bands and other works start with vinyl. Especially in the 1960s and 1970s when vinyl was at its peak, conductors Karajan, Kleber, Bohm, singers Domingo, Pavalotti, Taibaldi, pianists Rubinstein, Gould, Ken Puff, violinist David Oistrach, Heifetz, and a bunch of other heavyweights, all made wonderful recordings on vinyl. Up to now, some CDs are still ripped from these turntables, which may be the charm of vinyl records or acoustic music.

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Vinyl records are stereo LPs made of black celluloid, generally divided into 33 rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm, and the common ones are 33 and 45 rpm records. The source of the recording is different, and it is also divided into two types: front page and reprint.

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The front-page vinyl disc is produced by directly recording the master tape and then laminating it. It has the highest degree of original sound and can be said to have the best sound quality. Since the number of front-page plates that can be produced is very small, it means that it is very precious, and many of them have reached the level of antiques. The reprinted vinyl disc is made by using the front-page vinyl disc as a template to replicate and lamination, so the loss and distortion of the sound will increase, and the value will also decrease a lot. What's more, using a CD to copy it into a vinyl turntable cannot be regarded as a vinyl disc in the strict sense.

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The core of the turntable will have the main information of the turntable, including the brand, series and number, of course, the music content, paragraphs, performers, etc., and some of the recording years and stereo/mono identification marks, etc., Familiarity with this information will give you a basic understanding of this turntable, and for friends who like to collect, it is also an important basis for identification, such as version, release year and other information.

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Of course, the playback of vinyl discs is inseparable from the vinyl record player. Only a good vinyl record player can play the sound of the vinyl disc perfectly. The vinyl recorder is also divided into two common operating modes: moving iron and moving coil. look familiar, right? How about the same way as headphones?

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