Новая технология, завод по производству обжиговой печи

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 New Technology Rotary Kiln Calcination Lime Kiln Plant Factory 

Lime Kiln Introduction

Lime Kiln is the ideal equipment to produce quicklime by the calcination of limestone (calcium carbonate). We could provide technological solutions and complete production equipment for 50-800TPD quicklime (active lime) production line.

With 60 Years development, we gained different approaches of lime production process, such as energy saving rotary lime kiln process, traditional long rotary lime kiln process, mixed burining vertical lime kiln process, low heat value gas vertical lime kiln process, high heat value vertical lime kiln process etc. Usually, it has two types: lime rotary kiln and lime vertical kiln.

ZK Lime Rotary Kiln Advantage

Based on the exprience accumlation of equipment manufacturing and technical improvements, we successfully developed a new pre-heater for dolomite and limestone calcining. This kind of new pre-heater brings a decrease of fuel consumption by 40% and output rise by 30%, and can recycle the heat from the exhaust gas and control the dust emission below 50mg/m³. At present, our company has taken a great effect on the limestone and magnesium industry. Our equipments have become preferred choice of the lime and magnesium experts.

Lime Rotary Kiln Structure

The rotary lime kiln consists of cylindrical shell, supporting device, supporting device of thrust roller, driving unit, moveable kiln head, sealing device on the tail of kiln, coal dust pipe device, etc., the kiln body has a certain tilt angle with level.The whole kiln body is supported by the roller supporting device, and it is also equipped with thrust roller device to control the up and down movement of the kiln body.(send us a inqury for more data about it) 

Working principle of Rotary Kiln

Rotary Kiln is usually working as following : The kiln is a cylindrical vessel, inclined slightly to the horizontal, which is rotated slowly about its axis. The raw material to be processed is fed into the upper end of the cylinder. While the kiln rotates, material gradually goes down towards the lower bottom, and may undergo a certain amount of stirring and mixing. Hot gases pass along the kiln, sometimes in the same direction as the process material (co-current), but usually in the opposite direction (counter-current). The hot gases may be generated in an external furnace, or may be generated by a flame inside the kiln. Such a flame is projected from a burner-pipe (or “firing pipe”) which acts like a large bunsen burner. The fuel for this may be gas, oil or pulverized coal.

Rotary Kiln Specifications

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HENAN ZHENGZHOU MINING MACHINERY CO.,LTD is built in 1956,is leading mining equipments manufacturing in the world, who has provided innovative technology and products for mine and energy of over 100 countries and district. It is appointed as the fixed equipment-providing factory by Chinese Ministry of Machine Building and HENAN Mechanical Electronic Bureau.

The production lines provided by us mainly include: Magnesium Production Line, Cement Production Line, Clinker Grinding Line,Lime Production Line,Gypsum production line, Leca Production Line, and Oil Proppant Production Line;

Main products include: Rotary Kiln, Vertical Kiln,Ball Mill, Vertical Mill,Granulator,Crusher,Bucket Elevator,Converyor,Feeder,Dust Collector, Dryer,Cooler, Vertical Preheater, Vertical Cooler, and etc.



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rotary kiln for quick lime  

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