Semi Permanent Skin Treatment Foundation Lan Frost Meso Korea Dermapen Private Label BB Stayve Serum Glow Starter Kit

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8 ml/vial*12vials/box
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Shelf Life
3 Years 

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Shandong Lenore Enterprises Corp focuses on high-tech products. We have standardized laboratory and testing equipment. We have exported to more than 150 countries and have rich export experience. We have more than 500 employees and can also provide customization for you. Please contact us if necessary.


What's the Function ?And what should be known?

1. Shrink pores, improve skin texture and increase skin elasticity.
2. Remove and relieve fine lines such as the eyes and forehead.
3. Improve pigmentation.
4. Normalization of sebum secretion, restore skin oil balance.
Resident foundation liquid foundation - electric microneedle introduction method:
Apply the liquid foundation to the face and then start the electric microneedle until the essence is introduced.
Operating procedures:
1.cleansing :cleansing facial makeup to a clean and refreshing state, it is recommended to apply a hydrating mask first,
2. hot compress: hot for 5-10 minutes, the purpose is to open the skin hair follicle
3.disinfection: disinfect with alcohol or iodophor face, avoid the eyes, and then wipe the face with saline
4.and then put the appropriate amount of the foundation in the operation site, according to the customer's skin condition, the
electric nano-microneedle is routinely adjusted to 0.5-1.0 to operate, from the forehead to counterclockwise circular operation,
the general operation time is 15-20 minutes Yes, change the other side of the face, the same as above
5.after the end of the operation, the face may appear reddish, different from person to person, is a normal phenomenon after the
micro-needle, you can use the repair calm gel to apply the whole face or aseptic repair mask for cold compress
6. do not touch the water within 6-8 hours of staying in the foundation, the first 3 days of taboo spicy stimulation, seafood
food, try not to make heavy makeup for the first 3 days, simple skin care can be
7. the operation time is about 10 days in between, the maintenance time varies from person to person, generally lasts for about 15
days. Every time the skin is done, the skin will be brightened to different degrees. The more times you do, the longer it will

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