CrC Powder Chromium Carbide Powder Price C9-11% 13%

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Product Description

Chromium Carbide Powder Price CrC Powder C9-11% 13%



Commodity:  Chromium  Carbide Powder

Spec:  *

Chemical Composition:(%)

Size :  -40/200mesh


85 % min


0.2% max


9-11% 13%


0.005% max


0.2%  max


0.005% max




The application of chromium carbide powder

1.It is a kind of has good wear resistance,corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of high melting point material under high temperature environment.

Chromium carbide powder can be used as high temperature resistance, wear resistance,oxidation and acid proof coating,hard alloy and Ni Cr alloy particles prepared by plasma spraying method are widely used in aircraft engine oil and chemical mechanical device ,can freatly improve the service life of a machine.It is also used as a grain refiner for hard alloy and other wear-resistant and corrosion resistant element.Cr3C2 based cermets have excellent antioxidant properties at high temperatures.


2.Used for chromium carbide ceramics.As a melt blown material,coarse grained chromium carbide forms meltblown film on metal and ceramic surface ,giving the latter the wear resistance,heat resistance and corrosion resistance.It is widely used in aircraft engines and petrochemical machinery components,so as to greatly improve the mechanical life. It is also used to spray semivonductor film.


3.Used in the double-face grinding of LED and thinning and polishing of sapphire-based LED extending plates, national defense industry, nuclear industry, refractories industry and other engineering ceramic materials.


Product Description

Chromium carbide (Cr3C2) is a gray powder with metallic luster.The orthorhombic system has a density of 6.68g/cm3 ,melting point of 1890C,boiling point of 3800C, and high temperature(1000-1100C) has good wear resistance,corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.Belonging to a cermets.




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Company Information

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Chengdu Jinchun Metallic Materials Co., Ltd. starts from a metal powder manufacturer, with the production headquarters in Chengdu city, specializes in the R&D and production of ferroalloy powder, non-ferrous powder and rare earth materials.

With gradually growth, we began to engage in other industries, such as flux-cored  wire technology research and development, diamond tools, coating dies, lasers and traditional equipment, etc. Our production bases of OEM processing are located in more than 10 cities across the country.

We have a wide rang of products to provide one-stop service: ferrotungsten powder, ferrovanadium powder, iron powder, chromium powder, silicon powder, nickel powder, vanadium powder, rare earth powder, thermal spray powder, nickel-based alloy powder; diamond saw blades, coating dies, laser cleaning machine, face mask machine, flux cored wire and so on.


We dedicate to provide customers with the best quality, most competitive prices and fastest delivers. Our mission is to meet our customers’ expectations.


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Standard export packing.


3-20 days after confirming order,detail delivery date should be decided according to
production season and order quantity.

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1. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

We are an experienced manufacturer.

2. Can you supply free samples? Who pay for the freight?

Yes, we can supply free samples. Usually, customers afford the freight.

We usually send via International Express after receipt of the courier charge.

3. Can you supply test report issued by SGS or other third-party inspection organization?

Yes, we can, if customers request third-party test report.

4. Do you have quality control system?

We do have quality control system for each step of process controlling, and we have the control system from  raw materials to finished products. We got ISO certificate.

5. About Price?

The price is negotiable. It can be revised according to your quantity or specification.

6. About warranty?

We are quite confident in our products. Usually , customers  will receive their cargo in good condition. Any quality issue, we would deal with it immediately.

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