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Product Overview


Product Description


Feature 1:

Support hot swap, high-speed USB 2.0 port.

No physical drive is required.

Supports all current computer systems.

An excellent SD card in good condition.

Store your pictures, videos and songs, as well as any type of data.

Supports Windows 7/8/10, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Mac OS X, Linux.



Capacity: 1TB

Scope of application: mobile phone/computer/camera/drone/navigator

Interface: No driver, plug and play, hot plug

Boot: Boot USB ZIP/HDD boot support.

Data retention: data is retained for at least 10 years

Resistance: 1000000 times rewritable

Power supply: bus-powered USB (4.5V~5.5V)

Working current: Working temperature: 0°C ~ 60°C

Storage temperature: -20°C ~ 85°C

packing list:

1 x SD card



Due to the light of the picture, the color of the actual object and the color of the picture will be different.

Please refer to the actual product! Please read carefully before buying!


The actual usable capacity of storage products is about 90% of the label, this is because the capacity algorithms of computers and storage products are different165340.png20220806165004.png

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