RBSIC / SISIC / refractory reaction bonded silicon SIC burner nozzle tube (1600589603045)

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Hole Shape RBSIC/ SSIC/ SISIC/ Sic Silicon Carbide Ceramic Tube Pipe Beam
The material of siliconized silicon carbide has a series of basic superiority and characteristics such as high strength, extreme hardness, wear resistance, high-temperature tolerance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance thermal shock resistance, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, creep resistance under high temperature and so on. Many products can be made from it such as beams, rollers, cooling air pipes, thermal couple protection tubes,temperature-measuring tubes, sealing parts, and special shaped parts.

Product Name
RBSIC / SISIC / refractory reaction bonded silicon carbide SIC burner nozzle tube
Silicon Carbide
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It is widely used in furnace.
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Silicon Carbide Burner SiC Flame Tube
Our refractory Sic / SiSiC silicon carbide burner SiC flame tube / sleeve for furance have been installed in most of the imported
and domestic kilns.

Refractory Sic / SiSiC silicon carbide burner SiC flame tube / sleeve for furance has become one proven material applied in the
ceramics industry which can offer better temperature uniformity and easier temperature control.

*Long service life due to high quality material and reaction bonded production process
* High thermal shock resistance
*Low thermal expansion and high conductivity
* Stable dimension with no deformation or creep
*Suitable for most kilns- shuttle, tunnel and roller hearth kiln
SiC flame tube
Refractory Sic / SiSiC silicon carbide burner SiC flame tube / sleeve for furnace is installed in tunnel kiln, shuttle kiln and
roller hearth kiln. Silicon carbide burner tubing as flame tubes for roller hearth kiln are also used for heating on direct or
indirect industrial furnace systems.

RBSiC(SiSiC)cross Beams are used for the loading structure systems of tunnel kilns, shuttle kilns, and many
other industrial kilns. RBSiC(SiSiC)cross beams have higher strength and there are no deformations even at very high temperatures.

And also the beams display long operational life. The beams are the most suitable kiln furniture for sanitaryware
and electrical porcelain applications.RBSiC(SiSiC)has excellent thermal conductivity, so it is available to save energy with less weight of the kiln car.

• Excellent energy savings.
• Lighter weight and higher load capacity.
• Excellent distortion resistance at high temperature.
• High thermal conductivity• High Young's modulus
• Low thermal expansion coefficient
• Extremely high hardness
• Wear resistant
• sanitary ware
• Kiln furniture crucibles
• glass panel industries
• Sliding bearings
• glost firing of tableware.
• Heat exchangers
• Burners
• Wear parts (thread guides)

Technical Data

Technical Parameter
Porosity Rate
Compressive Strength
Fractural Strength
Coefficient of Heat Expansion
Content of Sic
Free Si
Elastic Modulus

Packaging & Shipping

Package details
1. 5-50 pieces in a wooden box (fully enclosed, safe, and secure)
2. 800kg~1000kg /wooden box.
3. Anti-collision protection such as foam board
The 4.3-layer wood composite panel is sturdy, impact resistant, drop resistant

Shipping details
1.Professional car transport to various ports in China, then loaded by a professional shipping company.
2.Both FOB and CIF can be operated flexibly.
3. Competitive sea freight and short transit time

Shandong Zhijing New Material Co., Ltd is located in the Weifang City, Shandong Province, close to Jinan-Qingdao Expressway, Weilai Expressway, 201, 309 National Highway, Weifang Airport, Jiaoji Railway, and has superior transportation and geographical location. The company is committed to the development, production and sales of high-performance silicon carbide products. The main products are reaction sintered silicon carbide ceramic beams, rollers, flame nozzles, cold air pipes, sheds, saggars, crucibles, thermocouple protection tubes, heat exchange tubes, and radiation Tube inner tube, radiant tube outer tube, desulfurization nozzle, cantilever propeller, atmosphere furnace tube, sandblasting nozzle, shaft sleeve, seals and various high temperature resistant,
wear resistant, corrosion resistant silicon carbide ceramic special-shaped parts, etc., reaction sintering silicon carbide Ceramic products are widely used in military industry due to their high strength, high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, thermal shock resistance, good thermal conductivity, rapid cold and rapid heat resistance and high temperature creep resistance. In the fields of aerospace, nuclear power, liquid crystal, metallurgy, chemicals, machinery, automobiles, papermaking, medicine and other field Our company offers variety of products which can meet your multifarious demands.

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