pig farming equipment pig feeder stainless steel feeder for pigs

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Product Overview


Pig farming equipment pig dry and wet feeder

Product Description

Product advantage:
1. Thicken the feed bucket
2. Automatic filling material
3. Large capacity
4. Feed supplement is smooth
5. Simple installation
6. The clean health
7. Easy to clean up

we have:
dry type, dry&wet type
30KG, 60KG, 80KG, 100KG
for your choose


1. pig feeder is made by stainless steel and hot galvanized steel,heavy durable and resist rust,keep long serve life.

2. As the feeder made by stainless steel,so keep clean and health,easy to clean,don't pollute the

    feed and water.

3. Eat and drink at the same trough,so keep less feed waste.

4. The pig feeder can eat feed from two sides,so grow the weight more faster.

5. Keep the water apart the feed,to prevent feed mildew.

6. Experience proved that one set dry and wet feeder can supple more than 50 pigs in two sides swinery.

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Thickened HDPE feed bucket
Thickened plastic material barrel,
not afraid of falling
not afraid of biting,
long service time

Deepen stainless steel tray
Stainless steel deepening tray, large capacity,
It can be used for many pigs for a long time feeding,
saving time, saving manpower

Double top design
It is convenient to observe the surplus of
feed inside the feed tank, convenient to
fill the feed in time,and also to prevent biological eating and pollution of feed

The regulator
Non - slip thread control valve, easy to adjust the feeding speed

Circular distributor
Smooth grinding, prevent the pig from scratching the pig's mouth, avoid trauma infection

Widen the bracket
Widen and thicken the galvanized bracket to make the material trough firm and stable

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