50t-500t Industrial Cooling Tower Square Cooling Tower Water Cooling Tower Price

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50t-500t Industrial Cooling Tower Square Cooling Tower Water Cooling Tower Price

Hengan cooling water tower 

Product details


50t-500t Industrial Cooling Tower Square Cooling Tower Water Cooling Tower Price



ZHX type R717 evaporative condenser for food refrigeration




Closed Type Cooling Tower Main Components


Made of high-quality seamless steel pipes. The coil unit are galvanized entirely to improve the corrosion resistance ability and extend the service time. The coils can also be made by SS-304/316L stainless steel or T2 red copper. Maximum pressure of our coils could reach to 32Mpa.

Spray Pump

Sealed by top quality rotary no-limited machinery seal, no leaking, long lifecycle, small horse power, large flow volume, low noise and high performance.


Aluminum alloy axial-flow type


SS-304/316L or imported Aluminum-zinc alloy plate.

Electric Water Treatment Device

Clear the circuit water, effectively avoid the scale forming on the surface of coils and PVC fills.

Removable Drift Eliminator

PVC material; Make sure that the water loss rate will be less than 0.002%

Cooling Tower Fill

100% Original Material PVC Infill, special design with great cooling effect


The process fluid to be cooled is circulated within a serpentine cooling coil,which is continually wetted on the outside by the spraying water system.

The heat is transferred by the wall of coil,becomes saturated steam when it meets spray water and air.Then the heat will be discharged into atmosphere by fan,but water will be collected in the basin by drift eliminator for recirculated spraying.


The temperature of spraying water is reduced by PVC fill,spraying water flows in the same direction as the fresh air,to cool coil mainly by significant heat conduction way,which is especially suitable to the cases when cooling tower outlet temperature is much closer to the wet bulb temperature.












OEM made combined flow closed loop water cooling tower 100 m3h for industrial heat exchange



1.Excellent Heat Exchange Performance 
Parallel air and water path as well as the combination of coils and PVC fill,this effectively avoid the dry spot
and scal formation,and improve the exchange heat perrformance 

2.Convenient Maintnance 
Huge maintenance space
 makes it convenient to inspect the product.Techanicians can enter the cooling tower
during opration time.

3.Convenient Transportation and installation
The cooling tower is designed to be standard upper body part and bottom body part,making it is shipped saperately
and saves transportation and installation cost.

4.Slope water basin design
Suspended PVC fill and sloped water basin floor toward the drain facilitate cleaing.


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Packaging & Shipping

 50t-500t Industrial Cooling Tower Square Cooling Tower Water Cooling Tower Price

Standard sea shipping package, or customized packing available.





Company Information


 Weifang Hengan Group are the manufacturers of cooling tower, evaporative condenser and cooling tower fills. With many years export experience, our products has been sold to North&South America, North-east Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia etc. We provide our customers' reliable quality product with factory price. We are looking forward to the long term cooperation with YOU !




evaporative condenser






Q1:Your company is a factory or trading company?

A:Weifang Heng An Imp&Exp Co., Ltd. is the subsidiary of Weifang Heng An Radiator Group, which is the company with over 40 years’ experience in cooling tower& evaporative condenser production. Heng An Imp&Exp Co., Ltd. is in charge of the export business of group company’s products.

Q 2: Why choose closed circuit cooling tower?

A:Closed circuit cooling tower can avoid the fluid from being polluted. The fluid flows along the coil and will not meet outside air, so it will reduce scaling inside and improve the system effectiveness.

Q 3: Why choose "Heng An" cooling tower?

A: Easy maintenance, no need professional. Big group company products, quality ensure.



(Explanations: Where the cooling towers will be used for?

 e.g. for HAVC system, Air Compressors, Melting Furnaces, etc.)

Water Flow Rate:(Explanations: How many Tons of water required per hour?)
Inlet Water Temp.:(Explanations: Temperature of hot water to be cooled)
Outlet Water Temp.:

(Explanations: Temperature of cooled water, 

usually it shall be at least 3~4 °C higher than the wet-bulb temp.) 

 Wet-bulb Temp.:(Explanations: Highest wet bulb temp. of the location/area or city to install the tower is essential to know to evaluate the size of towers)
Power Supply:

(Explanations: 380V/3 Phases is standard, which we could have

 in stock, but for customized towers, the delivery time could be longer)



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