Factory supply high quality rare earth products sc scandium metal industrial material 99.99% distilled scandium metal (1600591902385)

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Product Overview


Product Overview

Factory supply high quality rare earth products sc scandium metal industrial material 99.99% distilled scandium metal
Scandium Metal (Sc metal):
1.Processing technology: High vacuum distillation purification
2.Alloy uniform gold degree: high
3.The density: high
4. Relative purity:>=99.99%
5.Impurity element content:
(1). Fe +Si +Ca +Mg +Al +Cu +Ni :<=200ppm
(2). W +Mo +Ta +Nb:<=80ppm
(3). C+N +F +O:<=350ppm
6.Usages: Widely used in vacuum coating industry, target materials raw materials, aerospace industry, Marine automobile industry, electrical industry, instruments industry, etc.
Size and quality is according to customer’s request.
1.High quality and competitive price.
2.Timely delivery.
If any item you like,please contact us.
Your sincere inquiries are typically answered within 24 hours.

Product Description

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Company advantage introduction

1. Size and quality are provided according to customer requirements.

2. High quality and competitive price.

3、If you like any project, please contact us.

Your inquiry will usually be answered within 24 hours


Q: who are you
A: We are a direct-to-source metal manufacturer, good at producing alloy metals and sputtering targets. Founded in 2009, our office has a total of about 51-100 people, and all continents around the world are our markets.

Q: How long is the lead time?
A: If you order a small amount of stock, we can ship it within 15 days, and if it is a large quantity of goods, we need a 30-day lead time.

Q: What kind of products can you provide?
A: Our main production technologies are vacuum melting, vacuum distillation and forging. Our main products are sputtering targets, evaporation materials, rare earth metals and non-ferrous metal alloys

Q: What logistics service channels can you provide?
A: We have cooperation with logistics service providers of shipping and railway, and can help you arrange according to your requirements and time requirements.

Q: What kind of services can you provide?
A: Accepted delivery terms: FOB, CFR, EXW;
Accepted payment currencies: USD, EUR, AUD, HKD, RMB;
Accepted payment types: T/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union, Cash, Escrow;
Provide ODM and OEM services.

Q: How to ensure the quality
A: Our products have a production quality certificate, and the transportation packaging is vacuum bagged to prevent oxidation.

Q: Why should I buy from here and not from other suppliers?
A: We have quality assurance, short production cycle and punctual delivery, we are professional in this industry.

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