Ideamay High Quality Commerical Blender Blade for 3 5L LY V35 blender (1600592539237)

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Product Overview


Ideamay brief introduction.
1. We have served more than 1,000 customers and provide finished products and SKD & CKD parts for blender, juicer, chopper and grinder.
2. We own designers and R&D team and able to provide customers with packaging design services and product development services.
3. In order to save costs, we inject most of the plastic parts and make mold by ourselves. Therefore, we can also provide better SKD & CKD parts service.
4. In order to protect the uniqueness of the customer market as well as achieving a win-win situation , we established exclusive agent business model for a long-term and stable relationship with our VIP customers.
5. In order to protect the rights and interests of buyers, we provide Alibaba's credit insurance service as a guarantee.

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Products Description

Blender blade
We have better blades structure by assembling the water proof cover in the bottom, which prevents water going to the bearings and oil seals leading to a long usage life the blades. Besides, we use better materials, like heat resistant shaft, TF double oil seals, and 304 stainless steel for blades leaves.

Blender blade parameter
Our blender blade is stainless steel HRC >42, long service life.
We can make any blades shape depend on customer requirements.
The blender blade shaft also HRC >42 with quenching processing, so that can fit high quality oil seal.
We also offer ODM for blender blade too.
1.Blade S.S. material, HCR >42; 2. Shaft S.S. material, HCR >42 3.Housing Blade S.S. material 4. Dusty oil seal to protect bottom oil seal. 5. High quality oil seal with long service time. 6/7.NMB/Normal high temperature 200 degree resistance bearing 8. Water proof bottom design oil seal for dishwasher and wet working place. 9. Water proof oil seal protection metal ring 10. Stainless steel gear

ODM service for blender blade
We also offer ODM for blender blade too. We can offer CDR DWG files.

Blender Jar/Pitcher/Jug
Our blender jar is made of PC or PCTG(Tritan) which is unbreakable material, working temperature from -45℃-135℃. It can pass food grade tests as customers requirements.
Our blender can work for different capacity blender jar as following.

1.5-2.5L ice smoothie blender jar
This blender jar is mainly used for commercial ice smoothie for coffee shop or juice shop, making ice smoothie juice less than 25s. It also work fro dry grinding too.
2.5-5L commercial blender jar
This blender jar is mainly used for commercial juice, Soybean milk, sauce, dry grinder for hotel or restaurant, can work continuously.
Normal 2L blender jar
This blender jar is mainly used for juice,ice smoothie, dry grinding, sauce...Mainly for home, sometime for commercial which requirements are not strict.

Unique heat dissipation design
The heat dissipation design of the blender machine is very important, which is related to the usage life of the machine.
By improving the heat dissipation structure, we have a better heat dissipation efficiency increased by 30-50%.

Motor fan structure improvement
The exhaust effect of the old model blender motor fan is poor. The new blender motor fan can significantly increase the exhaust air volume by 20-40%.
Blender heat dissipation structure.
The cold and hot air are separated to achieve better heat dissipation.
Special blender cooling hole design
The concealed cooling hole is beautiful and efficient, and can prevent the water in from suction outlet.

High performance blender motor
The rotor and stator of our motor are made of pure copper, with a low temperature rise and high performance, which can be applied to various applicable environments.

Blender Motor models and parameter
Select unused blender motors and use them in different operating environments.
For promotional using: #7630 cca, #9525 alu, #9525 cca
For home using: #9525 #9530
For commercial using 1.2-2.0L: #9535 #9540
For commercial using 2.5-5L: #9545 #9550 #9840 #9845 #9850

Model Number
Rate power
Peak power
For blender jar
Usage scenarios
Service time
#7630 CCA
Gift/promotion blender
150 hours
#9525 Alu.
Gift/promotion blender
150 hours
#9525 CCA
Gift/promotion blender
150 hours
#9525 CCA+copper
Gift/promotion blender
150 hours 
#9525 full copper
For home using
400 hours
#9530 full copper
For home using
400 hours
#9535 full copper
For commercial using
400 hours
#9540 full copper
For commercial using
400 hours
#9545 full copper
For commercial using
400 hours
#9550 full copper
For commercial using
400 hours
#9850 full copper
For commercial using
500 hours

Blender PCB.
The quality of the blender circuit board determines the service life and service condition of the blender.
The most important component of the circuit board is the thyristor. The greater the power of the blender, the greater the thyristor is required.
There are 5A 8A 10A 16A 26A thyristor using more.

26A PCB is for 2.5-7L jar blender, power can reach more than 3000w.Mainly for commercial blender using
26A PCB is for 1.5-2L jar blender, power can reach more than 2000w.Mainly for home or commercial blender using
8A PCB is for 1-2L jar blender, power can reach more than 1500w. Mainly for cheap and lower quality blender using.

Blender blade housing
We can offer all kinds of blender housing for replacement service for after service and new items development.
Blender housing material is stainless steel 304 with food grade.

Why Choose Us

QC. We strictly control every link of production.
We are very strict on every link of production and be responsible for every link. This is also responsible to the customer. From the purchase of materials, to the on-line production, and then to the packaging and warehousing, we must be strict with requirements to produce each high-quality product to customers.
Every time we produce a meat grinder, blender, juicer and spare parts, we assign them to the person in charge, so that they can be controlled and checked.

Product quality record.
The purpose of implementing quality records is to effectively control and manage blender, chopper, juicer, grinder quality records, so as to provide objective evidence that product quality meets the specified requirements and the effective operation of the quality management system. This procedure is hereby formulated. The quality record preparer shall be responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the record.

IQC incoming inspection.
IQC is the first quality control checkpoint of enterprise products before production. If unqualified products are put into the manufacturing process, it will lead to unqualified manufacturing process or final products, resulting in huge losses. IQC not only affects the quality of the company's final products, but also affects various direct or indirect costs.

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