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Product Overview


Product Overview

The working principle of vacuum freeze dryer:
Vacuum freeze dryer is designed for the current existing conventional vacuum dry operation and oven, to transform and upgrade, mainly by the refrigeration system and vacuum system consists of two parts. The use of vacuum dry explosion principle, through the fine temperature of the material frozen to its pin point temperature, so that the moisture in the material into the state of ice, and then in a higher vacuum environment, by heating the material, the ice directly sublimated into hydropathy gas, and then the water vapor condenser in the vacuum system will be water vine gas net condensation, so as to achieve the purpose of material dehydration drying.

The application of vacuum freeze drying technology is very wide, as long as the substances that contain water, non-toxic and non-corrosive can be made into freeze dried products by using vacuum freeze drying technology to achieve the purpose of long-term storage. Vacuum freeze-drying technology is applied to food and pharmaceutical industries, and the products processed with this technology are called freeze-dried food (FD food). Such as meat, poultry, eggs, aquatic products, vegetables, fruits and so on can be made into freeze-dried food. Freeze-drying technology is also used in biopharmaceutical industry, medical industry, health care industry, etc.


Food freeze dryer is a machine that stores and preserves high-quality food by dehydrating food content.The machine operates at low temperature and high pressure.It uses a process known as the lyophilization.Through this process, it lowers the temperature of food to be preserved.Lyophilization involves removing water, mostly from the perishable fruits to extend their life or to make transportation easier.

Production lyophilizer: the equipment has a large lyophilization area, which can meet the needs of users for mass production It is mainly divided into 2 kinds of compartments, round and square
generally speaking, the round compartment is used as food freeze-drying, and the square compartment is mostly used in pharmaceutical plants and biological aspects.generally speaking, the round compartment is used as food freeze-drying the square compartment is mostly used in pharmaceutical plants and biological aspects.


Freeze Dried Product
167Kw, 380V±10%,50HZ,3Phase,5Wire
Cooling Water Quantity
Bigger Than 10m3/H
Input Capacity
-70~70 ℃
Vacuum degree
< 10 Pa

About Aidear

Our company has always had strict quality control standards in the market of refrigeration and heat exchange equipment, focusing on providing customised services to our customers. Not only do we have high requirements for the selection of raw materials, but we also keep up to date with the latest production processes and have high testing standards.

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