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Dried Milk

1 bag

2.0 kgs

1 carton

5 bags

Nutrition Facts (per 100g)


531 kcal


24.5 g


31.2 g


38.1 g


283.0 mg

Salt equivalent

0.7 g


5.5 g



It is the latest freeze-dried milk from China. After colletcting fresh raw milk from the selected dairy farms in China, it is

homogenized and immediately processed into this very fine powdered milk by the patented freeze-drying machine.

Normal whole milk powder is produced by spray-drying method, and the milk is exposed to high temperature which reduces the

original milk flavor and taste. But this freeze-drying process that avoids such exposure to high temperature helps it preserve the

original taste and flavor of fresh raw milk at evergreen pasture lands.

This milk powder is nearly moisture-free and its porosity is four times more than normal whole milk powder to make it so fluffy

as powdered snow. Those very fine subtle cavities created by this drying method are the secret of well-preserved original flavor.

Add 20g of this powder into 130ml hot water (60-80 deg.C) becomes the drinking milk.
Adjust the amount of hot water freely as you like and enjoy the original taste of natural cow milk!

With an addition of a half tea-spoonful of consomme or soup-stock, you can make a bowl of milk soup.
When you use it for coffee or tea, mix it into a little bit of hot water to make cream first and use.

Ice Cream 40g of FD milk powder, Warm water (60 - 80 deg.C) 100ml, Egg 1 pc (Yolk and white prepared to be separate) and Sugar 15g. 1. Put FD milk powder into Warm Water and mingle well to prepare the milk. Cool it to the room temperature. 2. Mix Egg White, Sugar and some flavor like vanilla essence as you like, whip it well and prepare Meringue. 3. Put Egg Yalk into No.2 and mingle well to complete Meringue. 4. Add cooled down milk into No. 3 and mingle it. 5. Pour it into a patterned container and freeze it. Once frozen, serve it as you like.

Besides, you can use it for many cookings such as cream stew, pasta sauce and so many other prearations. It can add slightly
different sweet floavor from cheeze powder.

Best before 365 days.
Storage : Room temperature avoiding extreme heat, humidity and direct sunlight.
After opening, consume soon regardless of the expiry date stated.

Hygiene standard :
Less than 1000 cfu/g
CGC (Coli) = Negative per 2.22g by BGLB method

The maker keeps the stringent Quality Control by conducting Screening Test, that is, the simultaneous analysis of pesticide residue
(329 items), on the dairy farm's bulk milk every year.

It is not infant formula and not suitable for toddlers.

Product packaging

Made-in-China PET/AL/PE laminated rectangle bag with R processed corners. Zipper opening and open bottom gusset that helps it stand

upright. Lightproof and moisture resistant. The robust zipper that withstands multiple openings and closings.

Size : 30 x 12 x 50 cm (WxLxH)

Content : 2 kgs

Shipping shall be arranged by double corrugated cardboards(cartons), and 1 cardboard contains 5 bags.

Ocean-freight or Air-freight. ( It depends on the destination country and transportation period. )

Normally by LCL.

2.6391 s.