Professional High Quality 1 24 Strings Battery Solar PV Monitor Plastic Combiner Box

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Product Description

Professional High Quality 1-24 Strings Battery Solar PV Monitor Plastic Combiner Box

In the solar photovoltaic power generation system, in order to reduce the incoming line of solar photovoltaic cell array and inverter inspection, improve the reliability of the system, and facilitate the installation and maintenance of the system, it is generally necessary to add DC collector-shoe gear—PV combiner box in the inspection of photovoltaic modules and inverters.

Users can connect a certain amount of photovoltaic cells with the same specification in series, form PV serials one by one, then connect several PV serials into PVB series PV combiner anti-thunder box. Collecting in the PV anti-thunder combiner box, by lightning protector and circuit breaker output to the PV inverter, which is used to form a complete PV power generation system. Simplify the system wiring,  improve the safety of the system, to provide customers with a safe, simple, beautiful, practical photovoltaic system products.  

Beyond the function of PV collection, the PV combiner box also has a series of perfect protection functions such as current protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, lightning protection and so on.  


Performance characteristics:

1.    12-way PV array Parallel input way can be connected

2.    PV special use DC fuse, Both positive and negative electrodes are equipped with fuse

3.    Wide DC voltage input, the input voltage of PV array can reach 1000VDC.

4.    Anti-reverse connection module,  to prevent the samage of the back-end device caused by the opposite connection of positive and negative terminals.

5.    Use PV special use DC fuses and lightning protection modules

6.    IP65 protection degree, can meet the operating requirement for outdoor installation.

7.    Wall-mounted type is easy to install and maintain. 


Technical parameters

Input: 1-30 way, output: 1-5 way

Voltage class: DC550/1000V

Diode parameter: 25A DC1000V

Lightning parameters: UC1000V, Max. 40KA,IN50KA,UP<=2.5KV

Brach current: 15A

Max. output current: 90A

Protection degree: IP65

Working temperature: -80~60

Environment temperature: 0~99%


Way number can be customized.

Material of the enclosure:ABS/PC




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 1.  Q : Can you provide sample ?

       A:  Yes . But customers should pay for the sample . 

 2.  Q :  What's your MOQ ?

       A :  We don't have MOQ . For the most of the products, we can provide even you just need                   1pc. But for some products we require small MOQ.. 

 3.  Q :  Can you accept paypal payment term ?

       A :  Yes .we also accept T/T , Western Union payment term . 

 4.   Q :  Can you provide custom product?

        A :  Yes , we can provide. We can also provide one-stop solution including punching,cable                     glands, logo print, comlete set,etc. according to your needs.

 5.    Q : Can you provide OEM/ODM?

         A :  Yes .

  6.   Q: Do you have after-sale service?

        A :  Of course. We can change or repair the damaged products for free it's our quality                             problem, but the customers should take pictures or videos.


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