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Homogeneous plate product characteristics

inorganic composite polystyrene incombustible thermal insulation board (hereinafter referred to as homogeneous board) is a plate-like product made of polystyrene foam particles or plates as thermal insulation matrix and compounded with treatment agents. Its compounding process mainly includes particle coating, mixed molding or substrate penetration. It has certain shape retention ability under fire and does not produce molten droplets.

1. Product Parameters

Product Name:
Dry density kg/m³
thermal conductivity
compressive strength
Tensile strength perpendicular to the plate surface
Volumetric water absorption
Dry shrinkage ratio
Combustion type
Inorganic composite polystyrene insulation board


1. External wall thin plastering insulation system
2. Decorative integrated board insulation system
3. Integrated thermal insulation system of thermal insulation structure (no formwork removal system)

3. Product Features:

1. Security:
As a class a fireproof and thermal insulation material, it is a substitute product of rock wool. Its tensile strength and
compressive strength are far higher than rock wool board, and it has good stability, is not easy to decompose, has better
connection safety, and is not prone to quality problems.
2. Decoration effect:
Taking polystyrene foam particles or plates as the thermal insulation matrix, the fire-proof thermal insulation plate mixed and molded with treatment agent materials has good stability, is not easy to deform, and has good overall appearance decoration effect
after being put on the wall.
3. Environmental protection:
It is non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly and healthy, and the production process does not need to be fired, and does not need to waste energy, which conforms to the national energy conservation and environmental protection development policy.

It belongs to the modified polystyrene board, which has excellent waterproof performance and is not prone to the potential problem
of water seepage, which brings about engineering quality problems.
5: Timeliness of supply:
The production environment is friendly, not affected by environmental protection, the production and supply are timely, and the
price is stable.

4.Construction process:
The material itself does not contain ingredients that cause harm to human body, and the construction environment is friendly and convenient for workers.

5.Construction procedure

Step 1: base course treatment
Step 2: bonding mortar
Step3: paste graphite silicon plastic plate
Step4: anchor bolt installation
Step5: plastering mortar layer pressed into single-layer glass fiber mesh
Step6: surface finishing.
The plastering mortar layer is compounded with single-layer glass fiber mesh cloth, and the construction difficulty is greatly  reduced.

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Q1.How do you control your quality?
for each production process, zjyt has a complete product quality control system. After production, all goods will be tested, and the relevant quality certificates and test reports will be provided to you by email.
Q2.Are you a manufacturer or a trader?
We are a real manufacturer. We can not only provide high-quality products, but also provide,The best price, pre-sales service and after-sales service.
Q3.Can you provide free samples?
Of course, there are free samples, but you need to bear the freight.
Q4.What is the product lead time?
It usually takes about 15-20 days after receiving the order.
Q5.Can we visit your factory?
Yes, of course, you are welcome to visit our factory and inspect our products on site.In addition, if you need, we can discuss more details of technical cooperation.
Q6.What is the warranty period of your products?
If there is any quality problem, our products have a warranty period of at least one year。
Q7.What is the minimum quantity of a trial order?
There is no limit. We can provide the best suggestions and solutions according to your situation.
Q8.Why choose us?
Our R & D personnel have 20 years of technical experience, which can not only provide you with high Quality products, competitive prices, and we can provide good technical services.
This can help you solve the problem.
Q9.What standards do you have?
Our products comply with ASTM, ASME, AMS, DIN, JIS and other standards.
We can conduct third-party testing.

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