Performance Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose CMC Powder

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Product Overview


Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose is an important cellulose ether.

It is a polyanionic compound with good water solubility obtained after chemical modification of natural fibers.

It is easily soluble in cold and hot water.

It has unusual and extremely valuable comprehensive physical and chemical properties such as emulsification dispersibility, solid dispersibility, non-corruption, and physiological harmlessness.

It is a natural polymer derivative with a wide range of uses.


※ High viscosity    
※ High purity
※ High substitution
※ Strong emulsifier
※ Good heat stability

Milk white
Viscosity(1% Solution Mpa.S)
Degree of substitution

CMC is not only a good emulsifying stabilizer and thickener in food application, but also has excellent freezing and melting
stability, and can improve the flavor of products and prolong the storage time。

In soy milk, ice cream, ice cream, jelly, beverage, canned consumption is about 1% ~ 1.5%. CMC can also be used with vinegar, soy sauce, vegetable oil, fruit juice, meat juice, vegetable juice and other stable emulsifying dispersion, the dosage is 0.2% ~ 0.5%.

Especially for animal, vegetable oil, protein and aqueous solution emulsification performance is extremely excellent, can make it form stable homogeneous emulsion.

As it is safe and reliable, its dosage is not restricted by the food hygiene standard ADI.

Function of CMC in food production:

1.thickening: viscosity at low concentration. It can control the viscosity in the process of food processing and give food a sense of lubrication;

2.water retention: reduce the dehydration contraction of food, prolong the shelf life of food;

3.dispersion stability: to maintain the stability of food quality, prevent oil and water stratification (emulsification), control
the size of crystals in frozen food (reduce ice crystals); forming: in fried food to form a layer of film, prevent excessive absorption of oil;

5.Chemical stability: stable to chemicals, heat and light, with certain mildew resistance;

6.metabolic inertia: as a food additive, will not be metabolized, in the food does not provide calories.
As a thickener and stabilizer for acidic dairy products, CMC prevents the protein in the dairy products from coagulating,
precipitating and layering, makes the dairy products a unique and delicate taste.
As a water-retaining agent for pastries and jam fillings, CMC prevents food dehydration, imparts certain thixotropy, improves storage stability, improves the gloss of pastries and prevents cracking.

CMC can be used as paper sizing agent in paper making industry, in the ceramic industry as excipient of billet, plasticizer,
strengthening agent, used as a sizing agent in textile industry, the cosmetics as hydrosol, as resistance to dirt redeposition
agent in detergent, in oil drilling mud can be used to protect the well as stabilizing agent, water retention agent, used as a
thickener in the toothpaste, etc.

① 25Kgs per bag, PP/PE/OPP bag inside, weaving/paper bag or carton barrel outside.

②We can do packing according to customer’s requests.

CMC should be placed at cool and dry place, temperature is below 40℃,relative humidity is less than 75%. Avoid the direct sunlight and damped area.

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