Open Impeller Pulp Pump Bagasse Pulp Tissue Paper Centrifugal Pump Paper Stock Pulp Pump (1600595408776)

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Product Description

Open Impeller Pulp Pump Bagasse Pulp Tissue Paper Centrifugal Pump Paper Stock Pulp Pump


The two-phase flow paper pulp pump adopts the principle of "relative suction and relative block" in the two-phase flow theory to carry out the hydraulic design of the pump, so that the hydraulic performance of the parts passing through the pump conforms to the law of solid-liquid two-phase flow, thus reducing the erosion and wear of the slurry on the parts passing through the flow, and greatly improving the working efficiency and service life of the pump.


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Product features

1. High efficiency and energy saving: the operating efficiency is 3-10 percentage points higher than ordinary pulp pump, and the energy saving and consumption reduction is 15-30%
2. Good cavitation performance and long service life: the actual service life can be increased by 2-3 times compared with ordinary pulp pump;
3. High concentration, no clogging: pulp conveying concentration up to 6%;
4. Reasonable structure and convenient maintenance: the pump head adopts the front and rear open-door structure, which does not require disassembly of the pipeline during maintenance. The pump can be disassembled and maintained by moving the motor backwards.

Product application

1. Paper industry: used for conveying, lifting and pressurizing the intermediates in pulp and alkali recovery industrial processes with a concentration of less than 6%;
2. Sugar industry: used for conveying syrup with a concentration below 4% and a viscosity below 150mm2/s;
3. Urban sewage industry: it is used for circulating conveying, lifting and pressurizing of intermediate materials in sewage treatment process.


Technical data

 Open Impeller Pulp Pump Bagasse Pulp Tissue Paper Centrifugal Pump Paper Stock Pulp Pump


model rate of flow(m3/h)head of delivery(m)rotate speed(r/min)motor type and power(kw)
80XWJ25-12.5 2512.51450Y100L1-4/2.2
impeller cutting grade2010Y90L-4/1.5
80XWJ25-20 2520Y100L2-4/3
impeller cutting grade20


100XWJ50-20 5020Y132S-4/5.5
impeller cutting grade4518Y112M-4/4
125XWJ100-20 10020Y160M-4/11
impeller cutting grade9018Y132M-4/7.5
125XWJ100-20 10020Y160M-4/11
impeller cutting grade9018Y132M-4/7.5

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    A : Please tell me what raw material you want use and how many capacity you want produce per day when you sent email to me .We will be provide better offer for you . 

3.Q:Will you send engineers to design our plant and install the equipment?

     A: Yes, Our factory will arrange engineer to supply the professional drawing and install and train the workers about adjusting the equipemnt ,disposing of the trouble maybe happen and maintenance of the machine , after training ,the workers will get work license we distribute .  

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6.Q:How to operate and maintain the machine?
     A: We will provide a professional and detailed USER GUIDE to you with the machine; 


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    A: It depends on order quantities. Generally speaking, the delivery time will be within 4 to 6 weeks.


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Open Impeller Pulp Pump Bagasse Pulp Tissue Paper Centrifugal Pump Paper Stock Pulp Pump

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