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Product Overview


Product Description

Third party inspection
Independent Inspection Highly Professional QC Services
Inspection Type
Before-Production / During-Production / Pre-shipment Inspection
Inspection Place
Chinese Cities & Vietnam
Inspection Report
Detailed English Inspection Report within 24hours after inspection

1. Why do I need shipment inspections or factory audits?
In case of any poor quality, incorrect shipments, unreal information from suppliers. Inspection and audit are the most efficient way to protect buyer’s right.

2. How to book the inspection?
-Client sends us the inspection inquiry 2-3days in advance. We contact Factory to confirm the inspection.
-Client Confirm the inspection plan and pay. Then we perform the inspection and feedback inspection report within 12hours after inspection.

3. What we need to provide you for inspection?
-Factory contact number
-Products information as well as your special quality control requirement if you have.
-Some client will send approved samples also.

4. What information does the inspection report include?
Our written reports are very detailed, including accurate description of all defects and inconsistencies, statistic analysis based on the highly recognized AQL standard and plentiful spot pictures for illustration.
A written report + Inspection video + Original pictures will provided with 24hours after inspection

5. What the Inspection rate?
Inspection general rate is USD168.00/Man-day for most coastal ctities. Specific inspection rate depends on product type, order quantity and inspection address.
This quotation contains all cost: travel cost + inspection cost + report cost. No other fee need.
Our maximum workload in 1day is around 6hours.

6. What payment method that we accept?
Bank Transfer, Paypal or Alibaba trade order.
Inspection payment always need be prepaid 100% before inspection.

Service Introduction

Mainly includes:
Supplier legitimacy:
Business license; house proprietary certificate; export license; bank basic account and collecting account and so on.
Production capacity:
Factory area,Production equipment, staff and storage area, etc.

Quality control:
Quality control procedure documents and the quality department fulfillment degree.
Mainly includes:
Quantity check, Workmanship check, Product performance (testings), Measurement and Client's special requirements.

Pre-Shipment Inspection refers to an inspection carried out when all the goods are produced and packed completely. By conducting a
sampling check in accordance with the AQL standard, to have an overall assessment of the quality of the goods.
Mainly includes:
Check quantity of loaded products, container status (cleanliness, moisture, rust, holes, etc.).

And monitor the loading process to ensure no damaged products and outer cartons are loaded into the container.

Also to remind factory to reinforce products when container is not fully loaded.

Inspection process

1. Quantity check
Generally, quantity check will be performed in during-production inspection(DPI), Pre-shipment / final inspection(PSI/FRI), Full inspection and container loading check(CLC). It includes cartons quantity check and products per inner package check. And for final inspection, the products must be 100% finished and at least 80% finished.

2. Workmanship
Workmanship is a very important section in the whole process of inspection. It will cause in FAIL if the number of defects were too much.
Generally, the inspection standard is according to AQL standard, the form of ANSI/ASQZ1.4 (MIL-STD-105E). For sample size and the defects acceptance, level II and 0 for Critical, 2.5 for major and 4.0 for minor will be adopted, if there is no special requirements from clients.

Please refer to the bellow chart in the report:

3.ON-Site Test
Testing is the most important part of inspection.
The main purpose is to check the basic function of product, the safety, durability, and all other performances.
The test items varies according to the products kinds.
Below are some common testing items for your reference:

Carton drop test
Output voltage Test
Hi-pot Test

Assembly Test
No-Load Speed Test
Barcode Test

4. Package & Product Measurement
Generally, measurement check includes package size & weight check and product size & weight check.
The check quantity is 1pc per item with the tolerance of 10% for package and 5% for product, if the actual results were different from the spec or requirements.

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