WONEGG новая технология 400 инкубатор для кур 4 шт. инкубатор корзина для продажи

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Product Overview


1.【Innovative big LCD screen】The incubator is equipped with an high-end LCD screen,which is capable of intuitive display temperature,humidity,hatching day,egg turning time,digital temperature control, this all allows for efficient monitoring and close care for easy operation.
2.【Double layers PE raw material】Durable and non-deforming easily during long distance transportation
3.【Drawable roller egg tray】It is made for all sorts of chicks, ducks, quails, gooses, birds, pigeon, etc. It can accommodate 2000 normal size chicken eggs when hatching. If you are using small size, it will accommodate more. Easy to use and clean, save your time.
4.【Automatic Turning Eggs】The auto turners automatically turn the eggs around every 2 hours to improve hatching rate. The auto rotate egg turner saves the times and hassle of constantly having to open the incubator avoid releasing the precious humidity.Also auto turn feature allows for less human touching and decreases the chance of spreading germs or contaminates.
5.【Visable double layers observation window】It supports convenient observation during hatching process without open the incubator avoid releasing temperature and humidity.
6.【Sprayer designed humidity control system】It equipped with big water tank with sprayer design.Never worry about dry burning or melting any more.Detachable sprayers makes cleaning easy.
7.【Copper fan】High quality fan with long lifetime,supports to distribute temperature&humidity evenly to every conner to ensure stable hatching rate
8.【Silicon heating system】Realized stable accurate temperature control

Product Description

Egg tray
Drawable roller egg tray
Chinese red
Incubator application
Farm,Zoo hatching,home use
New PE

Usages of incubator:
1. Clean and sterilize before incubating. Wash ans clean the incubator, Then suffumigate it with potassium permanganate andformalin.
2. Incubation equipment inspection before incubation:
Check all of the device completely and observe whether the fan rotation and egg turning device works normally ad whether all of the components are in good condition,then adjust the temperature and feed water to the tank make a 12 to 24 hours’ trial again when the incubator reaches temperature and humidity requirement,if the incubator works normally,it can be put into running.
3. Choose and store fresh egg within 5 days(7 days at most) as feeding egg,as for the egg stored for more than 5 days,4% less the incubation rate and 30 minutes prolonged incubation period for one more day storage.The proper temperature for feeding egg storage is 12 ℃~16℃.The smaller side shall be put upside during feeding egg storage.
4. Notes for offtray period: The process to remove from egg tray bracket to brood tray is called off-tray,the chick embryo usually removes off the tray at an age of 18-19 days.It shall be placed gently during off-tray,it’s best to lay to single layer.It also removes to brood tray 3 days earlier than incubator period for other poultry.

production process



1. who are we?
Nanchang Edward Technology Co.,Ltd, leading factory of Incubator in China, with own independent 
brand "HHD". Specialized in manufacturing, developing and selling egg incubators more than 11 years.

2. how can we guarantee quality?
1) Raw material controlall the material are supplied from fixed and qualified suppliers.
2)Online inspection during production
3)2 hours aging testing include all the function
4)Batch inspection after package
5)Third party inspection video inspection are accepted

3. What is incubator?
Hatching baby chicks by hen is traditional method.Because of its quantity limitation,people are intending to look for machine can
provide stable temperature,humidity and ventilation for better hatching purpose.That is why incubator launched.Meanwhile,incubator
is available to hatch all the year around with 98% hatching rate.And it is able to be setter,hatcher and brooder.

4. How to improve the hatching rate?
1)Choose new fresh clean fertilized eggs
2) Do not test eggs in first 4 days to avoid affecting internal development
3)Check if blood inside eggs on 5th days and pick unqualified eggs out
4) Keep continuous attention on temperature/humidity/egg turning during hatching
5) Reduce temperature and increase humidity when shell cracked
6) Help baby animal to come out with clean hand gently if necessary

5.Electricity cutting will affect the eggs?
1) If lasting 1-2 hours will affect not too much benefit from warm-keeping function.
2) If too long time, please connect battery or put eggs into warm place for protection
3) Keep continuous attention on incubator during hatching
4) If meeting electricity cutting frequently,please consider EW-48/56/96/112 supported 220+12V.

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