Small 15kg Buy Cube Freezer Industriel Nugget Opal 20kg Portable Machine Ice Maker

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Product Overview


Ice Detail

You can choose any ice size you want
We also have a variety of machines that can produce different shapes of ice for your use

Product Description

Ice Making Capacity: Kg/24h
Ice Storage:
220V/50Hz or 110V/60HZ
Cooling type:
Air Cooling
Water Supply:
Tap Water
Net Weight: Kg
Gross Weight: Kg (Carton)
Product Dimension: (mm)
560*870*1580 mm
760*860*2050 mm
Packaging Dimension: (mm)
650*660*760 mm (head)
845*705*840 mm (head)
650*650*850 mm (ice bin)
800*850*1060 mm (ice bin)
Stuffing Qty

-Stainless steel shell, durable and beautiful 
-Vertical flow evaporator can make ice quickly in each cycle
-Brand compressor, all copper condenser, strong refrigeration capacity, fast ice making speed 
-Food grade plastic ice storage box, PU foam insulation, high insulation effect 
-LCD display panel and user-friendly buttons for easy operation, diagnosis and maintenance
-Automatic protection function in case of power failure, automatic recovery of working state after power on 
-Automatic cleaning and automatic drainage, easy to clean and maintain, and prolong the service life of the equipment. 
-Applicable places: restaurants, hotels, hospitals, supermarkets, cafes, etc.

Product Details

Scroll Compressor
1.Scroll compressors are small in size and light in weigh
2. Good stability and high security with low noise
3. Long service life,Efficient and reliable Lightweight

Food Grade Ice Tray
1.High-quality copper electroplating ice tray
2.Nickel plated isstorage/safe/hygienic
3.Strong corrosion resistance and good heat transfer effect

Danfoss Expansion valve
1.High-quality expansion valve in refrigeration industry, higher refrigeration efficiency and lower failure rate
2.Pure copper valve body, high thermal conductivity, good gasification effect, can effectively reduce the risk of compressor liquid hammer
3.Select internal balance expansion valve, more stable in small refrigeration system

Reliable Condenser
1. Small footprint, capacity expansion.
2.One-time bending and molding, the quality is more guaranteed, and there is no leakage phenomenon
3.Long service life, Surface anti-corrosion paint

Multi-Function English Display
1.It can realize one-key start and stop, reservation ice making and other functions
2.The fault code can be directly viewed, and the machine status can be seen at a glance
3.Real-time display of ice making and de-icing time,easier to calculate yield4.More status indications to facilitate machine

Application Area


The product has low noise, stable and reliable operation, and adopts the ice making and breaking mechanism with the cavity partition structure, with high ice making efficiency and large ice output. Full computer program control, with protective shutdown functions such as full ice, water shortage and fault warning display.

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Q1:What is the lifespan of the machine? 
R1: It can be used for 8-10 years under normal circumstances. The machine should be installed in a well-ventilated environment without corrosive gases and liquids. Usually, pay attention to the cleaning of the machine. 

Q2:What type of refrigerant are you using? 
R2:The use of refrigerant is determined according to the model. R22, R404A, and R507A are routinely used. If your country has special requirements for refrigerants, you can tell me. (The tube ice machine uses R404A or R507A, and other models can also use R22) 

Q3: Do I still need to add refrigerant and refrigeration oil to the machine I received?
R3:No need, we have added refrigerant and refrigerating oil according to the standard when the machine leaves the factory, you only need to connect water and electricity to use.

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