Idobio Freeze dried Probiotics Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. Lactis (1600599134503)

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Product Overview



Product Description

Product name

IdoBio Lactobacillus bulgaricus powder

Product type

Freeze dried probiotics powder


White Powder or Light Yellow Powder


 1.0x10(10)CFU/g Or 1.0x10(11)CFU/g

Place of origin

Shaanxi, CHINA

Brand Name

IdoBio Co,. Ltd


For industrial production of L-lactic acid.L-lactic acid can be absorbed and utilized by the human body and microorganisms, gradually replacing D-lactic acid and DL-lactic acid.


Application in food fermentation and preservation.Lactobacillus paracasei can inhibit and kill many spoilage organisms and pathogenic bacteria in foods without affecting food traits and even improve food properties.


Recycling for waste.Using the waste produced in industrial processing and production as a culture medium, fermentation with Lactobacillus paracasei can produce many by-products, which not only makes variable waste valuable, creates economic benefits, but also contributes to environmental protection.


Product Application

Food Industry :Provide lactic acid bacteria fermentation strains for food and beverage companies to prepare solid beverages, liquid beverages, functional foods and other products


Health products: Provide raw materials for health care products to prepare grades, granules, tablets, capsules and other products


Feed industry : Providing Lactobacillus species for feed companies and preparing functional feed products


Cometics industry : Provide raw materials for cosmetics companies to prepare lotions, essences, creams, facial masks and other products.



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