Safety Clear Tempered Laminated Glass Factory Price For stairs/floor/balustrade Glass (1600599251150)

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Price:$14.00 - $18.00
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Laminated Glass
Laminated glass is composed of two or more pieces of glass, sandwiched between a layer or multiple layers of organic polymer intermediate film, through special high temperature precompression (or vacuum) and high temperature and high pressure process, so that the glass and intermediate film permanent bonding as one of the composite glass products. 
Single Layer Glass Thickness: 3-25mm 
Max. Size: 3000*16000mm
Min Size: 100x300mm
Interlayer: PVB, SGP, EVA, Sefar, Decoration Film, mesh etc. 

A glass floor is a stunning, dramatic addition to any interior space. Not only does our glass flooring offer aesthetic appeal, but it also allows for light to flow into the space below. The unique benefits of Dayang glass flooring continue with its superior, rigorously tested framing system and its exceptional engineering support and design flexibility. With a beauty and simplicity that can’t be matched, Glass Flooring Systems’ interior Dayang system is the perfect solution for any glass-flooring project.

Our triple-laminated glass assembly is engineered for passive redundancy with panels that are fabricated using three layers of low-iron, tempered glass with structural PVB, SGP interlayers. Our structural glass delivers exceptional safety and design flexibility, with the top layer consisting of a safe, non-slip surface that allows light to filter into the space below. This layer can also serve as a form of artistic expression, with dozens of patterns, textures, and finishes that meet or exceed the ASTM safety standards. The role of the interlayers is to bond the layers of glass together to assure the safety and structural integrity of every glass flooring system we produce.

Our glass-flooring system comes standard with a variety of innovative features and options that give it distinct advantages over its competitors:
Low-iron glass is standard with all our glass-flooring products;
If you need, we can also provide proprietary 6063-T6 aluminum extrusions that produce crisp, clean profiles;
Fully tested, anti-slip textures;
Pre-engineered and custom sizes for ease of integration;

Anti Slip Function
Whether you’re installing new flooring in your home or business or drawing up plans for a new building, it’s critical that you
give careful consideration to the safety of your chosen flooring material. With the largest variety of textures in the industry, you’ll find the perfect fit to meet your aesthetic and safety requirements. Below, you can learn about the anti-slip top layers we offer that are designed to ensure safety in various situations and applications.

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Shenzhen Dayang Special Glass Co., Ltd engaged in the research, development, sale and service of building glass such as tempered glass, laminated glass, curved glass, insulated glass, energy-saving glass, complex glass, ceramic frit glass, art stained glass, magic switchable glass and film, etc.. Locating in Shenzhen (near by Hongkong) which has convenient transportation access. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, we are able to fulfill your demands and ensure full customer satisfaction. We can process any surface shape multi-curved tempered glass, double curved tempered glass, triple curved tempered glass, trapezoid curved tempered glass, spherical curved tempered glass, pyramidal curved tempered glass, S-shape curved tempered glass, cylindrical curved tempered glass, positive and negative curved tempered glass.

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Q1: How to judge the quality of float glass?
A1: Flatness, transparency, colorless, impurities, bubbles, etc.

Q2: How to reduce the self-implosion?
A2: The high quality float method is used for hot dip treatment, edge treatment and proper stress intensity. Pay attention to avoid side collision of glass during installation.

Q3: Scope of use of toughened glass?
A3: Safety is not involved in some parts of the building, but it is necessary to install toughened glass to improve the compressive strength and explosion-proof capacity, and not to endanger the safety of the person.

Q4: When toughened glass is broken, is the grain smaller the better?
A4: No, the smaller the particle, the easier it is to explode.

Q5: Can toughened glass and semi-toughened glass be made into laminated glass?
A5: Can't. The national standard stipulates: the glass that stresses the difference cannot make laminated glass, because in use process, the pressure that two pieces of glass bears is different.

Q6: Whether the laminated glass can fire, can the sound insulation?
A6: No, the smaller the particle, the easier it is to explode.

Q7: How many uv low-e glass can reduce?
A7: It is not fireproof glass, but has certain fireproof ability, also can soundproof, laminated glass is inside whole sound wave frequency range, in control noise is very good.

Q8: Does the air in the insulating glass do not oxidize the membrane?
A8: No, because there is a molecular sieve in the insulating glass, and the molecular sieve always keeps the air dry, so the membrane is not oxidized.

Q9: How much ultraviolet radiation can low-e glass reduce?
A9: It can reduce uv by 14% compared to heat reflecting glass. That's a 25 percent reduction in uv radiation compared to white glass.

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